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Enterprise digital products for your veterinary business

Enterprise Products

Our enterprise product suite provides you, as a business, with everything you need to service your companion animal, farm and equine practices.  You can:

- Support key workflows in practice for veterinary staff with Merlin Practice Management;
- Provide digital solutions for treatment to your vets in practice and in the field with Swift;
- Provide customers with a digital "pet-parent" experience using MWI Pet;
- Get cross-practice visibility of products, orders, inventory and performance with Merlin.

As a business you can utilise 20+ third-party integrations, extending the core PMS, for referrals, farm solutions, lab integrations etc... 

You can build your own solutions using our industry-first integration platform that allows you to extend the PMS functionality to fit future needs as part of your digital roadmaps. 

Merlin Practice Management 

From customers to products, orders, inventory, clinical treatment, accounting and reporting we provide support, efficiency, automation and cross-practice visibility.

Swift Mobile Treatment

Provide your mobile vets with a robust Apple iPad mobile solution 
to allow them to carry out treatment in the field along with inventory visibility, invoicing and payment.

MWI Pet 

Connect your veterinary practices with a digital pet-parent solution fully integrated with the Merlin PMS.  Reduce calls into practice, increase efficiency and improve communication.

Digital Commerce Platform

Allow your practices to order products online through our B2B Online Store, fully integrated with the wholesale functionality in addition to our Merlin PMS.

MWI Appstore

Extend the Merlin PMS with 20+ out the box integrations for referrals, farm, owner engagement and communications across your practices.

Integration Platform

Build your own digital journeys with our API's and developer integration platform.


Hardware Installation

National logistics planning, hardware configuration and installation for thousands of practices.

Read about our 1000+ Enterprise Veterinary Practice site install case study. 

Enterprise Cloud

Our platform is built on Microsoft Azure for unrivalled scalability, reliability, performance and security.  

Read more about our Enterprise Cloud Solution.

Legacy PMS Data Migration

A complete end to end solution for migration of 20+ legacy practice management systems into Merlin.

Read more about our Enterprise Data Migration services.

Enterprise Training and Consultancy

Enterprise training is an important part of our implementation process.

Read about how we prepare and educate teams and individuals to use our practice management system Merlin.


Partner with us and showcase your veterinary application/integration in our appstore.  Get in-touch to discuss partnerships further.


Get in touch to discuss your training needs for your veterinary staff to improve Merlin expertise and staff efficiency.


Need help with our products (Merlin, Swift, API)? Use our self-serve portal below.
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