Professional Development

Skill development for a changing landscape

The animal health industry is evolving. To deliver the best care in changing times, professional development is fundamental. We offer programmes and skill-development courses designed to help your staff thrive in a changing landscape. From leadership workshops to training on cutting-edge techniques, we'll work to keep you and your employees confident, competitive, and prepared to face any challenge today and in the future.

Learning Zone

Check out our self-serve how-to-guides, tutorials and videos for Practice Technology, Buying Groups and Wholesale. 

Securos Courses

Since its inception, Securos has provided veterinarians with hands-on quality learning experiences. By gathering feedback and refining its approach, Securos' offerings are effective and efficient. Whether your learning in a hands-on wet lab or remotely online, Securos' dynamic faculty will work to expand your surgical knowledge and practical expertise. 
Business Academy. Two ladies learning

Business Academy

Business Academy. Two ladies learning
Get ongoing, year-round training for your vets, nurses, receptionists, and support staff. The Business Academy offers professional staff development with seminars, webcasts, and downloadable tools. There are leadership and profitability courses for practice managers, communication-focused curricula for your staff, career development seminars for new graduate veterinarians, and more.
Business Academy. Two ladies learning

Career Professional Development

Our Business Academy and Securos events and courses are designed to satisfy official Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements. No matter your level of expertise, our events will provide new insight into your core knowledge centers, expand your understanding in new areas of focus, and deliver hours of effective CPD content.