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Moving animal health
forward sustainably


Here at MWI Animal Health, we are dedicated to supporting sustainability for our customers.

We have several services in place to help create a healthier future:



We can help with recycling clean, dry, unbranded, flat packed cardboard that MWI have generated through packaging. Get in touch to find out more.

Tote boxes

We use reusable tote boxes for distribution to help reduce the use of throw away plastics.

Dedicated delivery days

We offer dedicated delivery days to our customers to help reduce the amount of deliveries you receive on a weekly basis, resulting in reducing our carbon footprint.

Sustainable packaging

We use a range of recyclable packaging materials, from cardboard to eco-friendly packaging peanuts.

New electric van

The innovation of electric vehicles allows veterinary wholesalers and their practice customers to add a layer of environmental friendliness to their operations. MWI Animal Health recently became the first company in the UK’s animal health sector to own and operate an electric vehicle. 

A single charge of the van will provide 146 miles of capacity, and a quick 40-minute pit stop to charge will extend its journey to 250 miles.


Get in touch

Contact us to setup an MWI wholesale account or view our Global Sustainability report to find out how we are contributing to create healthier futures.