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We're proud to offer a wide breadth of services to you and your clients. We work with established, best-in-class partners throughout the U.K. to support your practice in all its efforts. From instrument care to health-and-safety services, from pet health plans to waste management, we can help.

Laboratory and Pet Cremation Services

When you work with us, we connect you with leading laboratories and crematoria that provide significant benefits and excellent terms for you and your patients. We also centralise related invoices, reducing your administrative load, which allows you to focus on your patients' needs rather than logistics.

Equipment servicing and validation you can trust 

We team with TAG Medical to bring you on-site equipment calibration, installation and repair. We offer autoclave servicing, pressure vessel and x-ray inspections, testing of all your safety equipment, hand piece repair and reactive maintenance services.

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We're committed to giving veterinary practices what they need to do what they do best: care for animals. Interested in learning more about our business services or our other offerings?
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