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Business Services

What your practice needs

We're proud to offer a wide breadth of services to you and your clients. We work with established, best-in-class partners throughout the U.K. to support your practice in all its efforts. From instrument care to health-and-safety services, from pet health plans to waste management, we can help.

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Laboratory and Pet Cremation Services

When you work with us, we connect you with leading laboratories and crematoria that provide significant benefits and excellent terms for you and your patients. We also centralise related invoices, reducing your administrative load, which allows you to focus on your patients' needs rather than logistics.

Debt Recovery and Enforcement

Through our partnership with Gordon & Noble, you can receive a free consultation, a dedicated account manager and bespoke reports with preferential litigation fees.
Heart, pulse and blood pressure monitor.

Capital Equipment Consultation

To help you maximise your profitability, we offer complimentary capital equipment consultations. We'll audit your current equipment, study workflow, observe training processes and offer solutions specifically tailored to your practice.
Surgical equipment

Instrument Care

We manage our own in-house instrument sharpening and repair services, so you can be certain your valuable surgical equipment is cared for properly. You can integrate services into your regular delivery schedule or send us your instruments by mail, whatever you prefer.

Plans that work for your practice and your patients

We work with leading partners to offer you and your patients rewards and incentives at excellent prices.

Pet Insurance

With our partner Agria (the chosen insurer for The Kennel Club and the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy), we offer affordable and convenient pet insurance. With 98% of claims settled within three working days,* you can promise your clients efficient coverage options throughout the lives of their pets.
*Sample: January and March 2016

Health Plan

Our Pet Health Plan allows your clients to cover their routine preventative care through monthly direct debit payments, which simplifies billing and gives your patients peace of mind. Our plan also ensures your practice has regular monthly income, secures client loyalty, improves compliance and reduces administrative waste. It’s easy to set up and adjust, too.

Equipment servicing and validation you can trust 

We've partnered with suppliers to bring you on-site equipment calibration, installation and repair. We offer autoclave servicing, pressure vessel and x-ray inspections, testing of all your safety equipment, hand piece repair and reactive maintenance services.

You focus on the care. We’ll help with the rest.

Your focus is on providing care, but the administrative and financial burden of running a practice is a job unto itself. When you work with us, we offer managerial and accounting support that lets you do the work that matters most.

Human resources, health and safety

We offer packages tailored to your individual practice’s compliance requirements. With one-to-one advisory support and packages for terms between one and three years, we’ll craft a flexible plan together that’s fair and comprehensive.

Financial and insurance services

With our partner JPM, we give you access to a range of insurance options at specialty rates backed by one of Europe’s largest insurers. From pet finance to engineering Inspection to motor fleet coverage and more, your choices are substantial.

Merchant services and payment processing

Our payment support services are flexible and secure with fraud prevention tools built in, so that no matter how your patients prefer to pay for your care, you can process their transactions safely and efficiently.

Utilities, waste management and ancillary services

Waste removal and utilities management are essential parts of every veterinary practice. Our waste management program ensures compliant hazardous and non-hazardous collection and disposal. Our utility support offerings keep your facilities in top shape. 

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We're committed to giving veterinary practices what they need to do what they do best: care for animals. Interested in learning more about our business services or our other offerings?