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New Start Up Practice Support

Setting you up for success

Vet Nurse ordering Supplies from Centaur Services Wholesaler, using VetSpace Merlin

New Practice, New Beginnings

Setting up your own veterinary practice can be an exciting and challenging time. At MWI Animal Health, we understand the potential obstacles and opportunities and have a history of supporting new practices and helping them flourish.

Our commitment to your success doesn't end once your practice is up and running

Comprehensive support

Our Regional Customer Managers will work in collaboration with you to provide the support you need, when you need it, and get out of the way when you don't. By working in partnership, we can save you time and money while you stay in complete control of your destination.

We can help you navigate the challenges and seize opportunities

Building your practice your way

Nurture Your New Veterinary Practice! 

Starting a veterinary practice is a thrilling but challenging endeavor. Don't worry, MWI Animal Health is here to help your new practice bloom.


All our services can be scaled up and down to meet the changing needs of your veterinary practice. As your new veterinary practice grows, our services will be as impactful tomorrow as they are today.


All of our services and systems are designed to work together, saving you time and money by reducing gaps in efficiency and simplifying workflow. With a single point of contact, your services are streamlined so we're able to respond quickly and effectively when you need us.


Your new veterinary practice will be as unique as you. Choose the services you want to fit with your vision and leave the ones that don't fit right now. Best of all, you can opt-in and out of services along your journey to meet your changing needs.

Our Services


Buying Group

We negotiate discounts with service providers and negotiate the best possible terms with manufacturers. When you work with us you'll save on costs, gain access to enterprise-level tools and have more time to spend with your patients.


Our operation has two fully stocked and licensed warehouses, each with a complete range of products for veterinary practices of all sizes and specialities. Giving you access to uninterrupted supply of veterinary medicine and products from one provider.

Practice Technology

Our innovative and effective technology solutions help veterinary practices save time and effort while integrating seamlessly with day-to-day business operations, diagnostics and imaging equipment.

Additional business services

Financial and insurance services

With our partner JPM, we give you access to a range of insurance options at speciality rates backed by one of Europe's largest insurers. From pet finance to engineering inspection to fleet coverage and more, your choices are substantial.

Human Resources, and Health & Safety

We offer packages tailored to your individual veterinary practices compliance requirements. With one-to-one advisory support and packages for terms between one and three years, we'll craft a flexible plan together that's fair and comprehensive.

Laboratory and Pet Cremation Services

When you work with us, we connect you with leading laboratories and crematoria that provide significant benefits and excellent terms for you and your patients. We also centralise related invoices, reducing your administrative load, which allows you to focus on your patients' needs rather than logistics. 

Merchant Services and Payment Processing

Our payment support services are flexible and secure with fraud prevention tools built in, so that no matter how your patients prefer to pay for your care, you can process their transactions safely and efficiently.

"As a self funded start-up small animal practice, the support we have had from MWI has been great from the start. We have had a dedicated manager who has guided us through the buying group options and stock ordering. The support we have had for our first couple of months have really given us the breathing space we need to focus on developing our practice and not worrying about the enormous initial outlay we might otherwise have had to. We are excited for the next steps of our journey with MWI and the growth of our practice."

- Christian, Tatton Veterinary Practice

"MWI have been accessible and supportive throughout the process of setting up our practice. Our BDM has been very helpful in answering our queries and providing the information we needed and we have seen financial benefits of being within the group and assistance in sourcing other services"

– Christina, Paveley and Day Veterinary Centre

"It's been a very good experience, I would recommend it, MWI have been very helpful and I would talk on a regular basis to my BDM. One of the best things I did was having the Merlin system through MWI integrated with Vetstoria online booking. I fully booked my appointments for the first few days after opening and into the next week."

– Rob, The Market Town Vet

The best partnerships and solutions are built through honest dialogue.