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Merlin - Cloud-based veterinary technology that works for your practice

Why choose Merlin

Configure Merlin to your practice.

Your practice management technology can be as unique as your clinic.

Giving your team more time to spend with their patients and you greater visibility over your practice, while supporting compliance.

Choice and Flexibility

  • Have complete flexibility to set up workflows and create prompts.
  • Switch on functions that meet your practice needs.
  • Use the comprehensive, configurable settings to tailor your technology to your practice.
  • Choose from a wide range of integrated tools and applications.
  • Simply add the tools that work for you and leave the ones that don't.

Saves time and improves productivity

  • Streamlining repetitive tasks
  • No unnecessary workarounds
  • Integrated tools reduce rekeying of information
  • Tailored workflows and prompts guide your team.
  • Reduced time spent on admin and more time with patients. 

Visibility and Compliance

  • All your data at your fingertips. 
  • Schedule reports that track owner compliance and support clinical audits. 
  • Create workflows that follow your practice policies and clinical protocols. 
  • Set-up prompts and reminders for repeat visit appointments. 
  • A cloud-based system with real-time record updates for remote workers.

Matthew Harrison

The Brook Veterinary Surgery

"The events of 2020 and the Global COVID-19 pandemic highlighted to us just how important a cloud-based practice management system was. Merlin has allowed us to work remotely where possible, carrying out tasks from home whilst complying with social distancing and lockdown regulations. Merlin helps us on a day-to-day basis, not just through the management system but through their integrations with our internal laboratory equipment, workflow systems and wholesaler to name a few. The consistent development of the platform and addition of new features/integrations helps the practice keep moving forward in an ever-expanding digital world."

Merlin's Functionality 

Introducing our new Merlin Self-Serve Portal.

Managing your patients and your business has never been easier with Merlin. Our new self-serve portal is available to use whenever you need it. Discover more by clicking below.

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