MWI Practice Technology

Merlin - Market leading, veterinary technology that works for your practice.

The veterinary practice management system that is the hub for your practice. Providing best-in-class connectivity, improved access, flexibility and creating efficiencies in your team. All the functionality you would expect of a veterinary practice management system, plus:


Secure, cloud-based technology that gives you and your team the flexibility to work in a way that makes sense to your practice and your clients. 

Patient health tools

Patient health always comes first. Merlin integrates with a wide range of tools from diagnostic equipment to healthcare plans that support wellness.

Client engagement

Owner engagement tools designed to grow loyalty, retention and compliance through creating a deeper connection with your clients.

Advanced Code Entry

The advanced pricing tools in Merlin are adaptable and dynamic. Easy to use, this tool prevents incorrect and lost charges that directly impact your business performance. 

Why choose Merlin

In today's world, technology plays a significant role in all our lives, and getting your veterinary practice technology to work for you and your clients can be a challenge.

Our market-leading, cloud-based technology, Merlin, not only provides the functionality you would expect but also acts as a hub to create connections to a generous range of tools and applications wherever you are.

This powerful combination gives you more choice, flexibility and control over your technology, facilitating business performance and patient care in a way that is meaningful to you.

Merlin in Practice

Matthew Harrison

The Brook Veterinary Surgery

"The events of 2020 and the Global COVID-19 pandemic highlighted to us just how important a cloud-based practice management system was. Merlin has allowed us to work remotely where possible, carrying out tasks from home whilst complying with social distancing and lockdown regulations. Merlin helps us on a day-to-day basis, not just through the management system but through their integrations with our internal laboratory equipment, workflow systems and wholesaler to name a few. The consistent development of the platform and addition of new features/integrations helps the practice keep moving forward in an ever-expanding digital world."

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