Technology Webinar Videos

Practice Administration Masterclass

28th July 2021

This webinar covers running in-house reports with the aim to maximise practice footfall as well as performing monthly account procedures on your PMS. 

Healthcare Plans

21st July 2021

This webinar focuses on Health Care Plan's and the marketing strategies around it, including how to make your Health Care Plans really work for you and your clients.

Stock Control & Inventory Management

14th July 2021

This webinar covers top tips for keeping on top of stock levels, whilst avoiding stock and financial loss.

Keep in Touch

17th February 2021

This session focuses on new features and functionality in Merlin.

External Communications

19th May 2020

This session focuses on external communications with clients.

In-house Processes

20th May 2020

This session focuses on tackling topics internal to the practice.

Business Processes

21st May 2020

This session focused on getting the most out of your practice management system.