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Lasting Leadership

Being an effective leader can be incredibly challenging.  From how we manage  & motivate our team to maintaining and delivering a profitable business, often the management side of the business can be overshadowed by the day to day and can lead to huge workloads, little planning time, communication issues and stress.

Many practice leaders are concerned with how to maintain the leadership role effectively and continue to be self-motivated whilst ensuring a balanced, inspiring and productive work place.

Lasting Leadership is a day all about you as a leader.  Using the Myers Briggs Type indictor we will work through your personal preferences in your approach to where you get your energy and drive from to how you process information, make decisions and live in the day to day.  This in turn will help you to understand others, find out how they may perceive you and will give insight into communicating with impact and managing stress.

Vet and MWI Animal Health representative reviewing statistics on an iPad

Benchmarking for Success

Knowing what to measure and when to do so is an essential part of understanding your business. This workshop uses real benchmarks from your own and other practice figures to examine performance and give you a guide on how you are positioned as a business. The day will look at opportunities for improvement and give you ideas for taking the business forward. All figures will be presented in a confidential forum and you will receive a personalized report summarizing where you are from a key performance perspective.
MWI Animal Health representative reviewing practice progression with Practice Manager on iPad in office area

Face to Face

This interactive seminar examines how much impact face to face communication has in the daily working environment and its’ importance when dealing with clients. Evaluates professional communication skills, what is required and how to achieve it for maximum impact.  

Demonstrates how to tailor our approach to get the most from our interactions.  Actively encourages delegates to really understand their clients’ needs and focuses on how clients like to process information. Looks at the importance of working together and how pivotal the team are to the practice.

Focuses on creating bonded clients, presenting the practice services and products well, and getting the right result from all communications.

       For Vets and Practice Managers

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2nd March 2021

Managing Motivation
Mar Hall, Nr Glasgow

16th March 2021

Making the most of marketing
Miskin Manor, Pontyclun

12th May 2021

Managing Motivation
Cottons Hotel, Knutsford

For Receptionists, Nurses & Team members

Please note the below seminars are now ready for your reservation. Fill out the form linked below to book your place.
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18th March 2021

Dealing with Difficult Clients
Miskin Manor, Pontyclun

29th April 2021

Dealing with Difficult Clients
The Bridge, Wetherby

16th June 2021

Dealing with Difficult Clients
Rose In Vale, Cornwall

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