March 8, 2019

International Women's Day

A balanced world is a better world.

Today we are celebrating the achievements made by women within the MWI Animal Health organisation.

Head of eCOMMERCE and project management

Siobhan Greenan

"As a woman on the MWI Animal Health UK Leadership team, I am fully supported by my peers to be a role model to other women across the organisation, bring diversity to the leadership team and achieve the very important work life balance required as part of being a working mother (e.g World Book Day costume making!!). Personally, I am passionate about being able to contribute to all aspects of the business and really change the way we think about our people so we can create an environment in which they can succeed. I am also part of the AmerisourceBergen Women In Leadership network, this is quite a recent thing and will give me the opportunity to bring expertise and insight from across the global team. In this exciting time of change in the Animal Health Industry, it is important that we are always thinking about how we can do things better and women have an important part to play in this."

head of marketing

Zoe Paget

Before beginning my career in Marketing, I was a veterinary nurse and practice manager. As a result, veterinary practices are close to my heart. I chose to join MWI Animal Health nearly 18 months ago, relocating my family, because their purpose resonated with me.

We are united in our responsibility to create healthier futures.

MWI Animal Health is an orgainsation full of good people inspired to do the right thing, in which it is a privilege to have a talented team to lead. I always try to use my leadership and influence to advocate for the customer and their patients. What we do as an organisation has a direct impact on veterinary clinics, veterinarians and animal health. We take this really seriously.

The reach of AmerisourceBergen means that I am fully supported in my role, provided with growth opportunities, and there are always experts on hand for advice whenever I need it.

I am truly passionate about my work at MWI Animal Health. Most people have just a job, but I'm lucky, for me its much more than that, for me it's personal."

ecommerce manager

Kate Hicks

"My Career has given me the opportunity to be a woman making a difference in an organisation. I am proud to challenge and champion change through strength of leadership, passion for business whilst nurturing the development if my team. Empowering women to make a difference in the workplace with the support of colleagues whilst maintaining the balance of work and home life requires resilience and passion but with that comes rewards and satisfaction that drives personal growth.

group fp&a commercial finance manager 

Mariana Cara-Southey

“In my role, I support Finance to play a part in creating value, with a focus on the business “strategic performance” (business/operating model evaluation, capital management, investment activities, customer/market forecasting, etc.) and its enterprise performance (long-range planning, budgeting, management report, and providing various levels of insights and analysis). I heavily invest in developing finance business partnering capabilities to help finance with the transition from traditional back-office function to more strategic business facing front-office.


The best part of being a leader for me is, being able to bring out the best in people and seeing a desirable destination that at first appears impossible to others, and then making the impossible a reality.”

Customer service manager

Rachel Moon

"I have never really thought about the fact I am a Women in my role, it's my job and I do it to the best of my ability. I attend many meetings and until now, I have not really noticed that i am the only woman in attendance on many occasions. I feel I am treated as an equal and my input is welcome.

I am very proud to be managing a customer facing team and will strive for improvement to our service at all times, my role means a great deal to me and the feeling of going home knowing I have pulled out all the stops and done all I can is a great thing."

product sourcing manager

Sharon Butt

"Working in Supply Chain is a fast paced and changing environment, for me it's all about keeping a healthy balance.

Passionate, kind, honest and transparent always achieving to the best of my ability, by doing this I can be an inspiring mentor to my team bringing out the best in their abilities and encourage them to be the best they can be"