February 27, 2019


Brexit and Your Veterinary Medicine Supply.

MWI Animal Health understand that customers rely on them to provide a safe, secure supply chain and that getting the medicines patients need, when they need them, is critical. MWI Animal Health take their responsibility to deliver on this promise very seriously.
With all the media noise around Brexit, it can be difficult to cut through the chaos to understand what the impact may be on veterinary clinics and their patients regarding the supply of medicines - especially as it is still not clear what, if any, trade agreement will be in place come March 2019.

Brexit Task Force

In September MWI Animal Health wrote to customers detailing that they had assembled a ‘Brexit Task Force’ made up of subject matter experts from across their business.
Many of the medicines veterinary practices use daily are manufactured in Europe before being shipped to the U.K. The MWI Animal Health ‘Brexit Task Force’ immediately identified that it was imperative to plan for a “no deal” Brexit, where no trade agreement with the E.U is in place, as this would be the most challenging scenario in which to maintain medicine supply.

Medicines regulations

The Brexit Task Force investigated whether there was any risk to the licensing of medications. Following the advice from the VMD and manufacturers they understand that the risk to availability of medicines due to regulatory issues is low. They will continue to monitor this and will update should there be a change in this position. Read more here.

Import restrictions

Based on existing information and insights, MWI Animal Health believe that the main risk in the event of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit will be hold ups in the supply chain due to border controls. Consequently, MWI Animal Health formed a ‘Supplier Liaison Group’ that could open conversations with manufacturers and suppliers, with the aim of working in partnership to safeguard the availability of the products their customers need.

Supplier Liaison Group

The Supplier Liaison Group has held meetings with all key manufacturers. MWI Animal Health can report that these manufacturers will be increasing their stock holding in the U.K. prior to Brexit to protect against a period of border hold ups following the end of March 2019. MWI Animal Health have the understanding that this increased stock holding will represent an extra 6-8 weeks product in the U.K. supply chain based on existing demand forecasts. MWI Animal Health are also working closely with manufacturers to utilise the space in both of their two sizeable warehouse facilities to provide holding space where needed.

MWI Animal Health’s recommendation

The partnership MWI Animal Health has with manufacturers has helped to prepare the supply chain in the event that there is no trade agreement in place with the E.U. in March 2019. Therefore, they advise that practices do not need to, and should not build up stock or ‘bulk buy’ in preparation for Brexit. MWI Animal Health and major manufacturers will have adequate safety stock in place and available to U.K. veterinary practices without delay.