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Instrument Focus

By Securos Surgical

Improve Your Instrument Care Routine

Surgical instruments are an investment in your practice and should be cared for accordingly.  Proper care and maintenance will ensure your instruments will last for years to come.  But sometimes, we forget how important instrument care is and may be missing some crucial steps in our maintenance processes.  Below are some common mistakes that should be improved upon today. 

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  1. Not cleaning instruments immediately after surgery
    Stainless steel has anti-corrosive properties, but when exposed to corrosive materials over time, your instruments will stain and potentially rust.  Bio-burden (blood and tissue) is corrosive to stainless steel.  It is important to begin the cleaning process within 10 minutes of the completion of surgery.  If this is not possible, spray your instruments with an enzymatic cleaner to begin the cleaning process for you.
  2. Not using cleaners labeled for surgical instruments  
    Only cleaners labeled specifically for the care and cleaning of surgical instruments should be used in your cleaning protocol.   Harsh cleaners such as Chlorhexidine, bleach, saline and even dish detergent may cause corrosion.
  3. Not using an ultrasonic cleaner
    While manual cleaning is effective in removing gross debris from instruments, ultrasonic cleaners are significantly more effective in removing fine debris that often gets caught in serrations, box locks and hinges.  Unlike manual cleaning, where effectiveness varies per the person cleaning, ultrasonic cleaners are standardized and reliable.
  4. Not sending instruments in for servicing
    Surgical instruments should be serviced twice yearly by a reputable instrument repair technician.  Instruments that are dull, out of alignment, or corroded are not efficient and may be detrimental to your procedures.  Regular servicing will keep your instruments in peak working condition.

Revising your instrument care and maintenance protocol will keep them in the best working condition and may add years to the lifetime of the instruments. Reach out to Securos Surgical today for our full recommended instrument care and maintenance protocol.

Did you know?

Securos Surgical offers a complete line of instrument cleaning and care products.  Email us at or call 0845 070 2498 to hear more about instrument care. 


Securos Surgical will sharpen, align and refinish Securos instruments at no cost for the lifetime of the instrument. Contact us at for more information on our repair services.

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