Business Academy

Professional development that moves your practice forward

Our Business Academy is designed to deliver you and your team practical training that makes a real-life impact. From leadership skills to profit planning, from client interaction to performance management, our seminars and workshops cover a wide array of business development topics that help your staff grow its skills for the benefit of your practice and your patients.

Creating Confidence and Competence

A Programme for New Graduate and Veterinary Surgeons

In addition to our Business Academy, we present our “Creating Confidence and Competence” course, a four-module portfolio of seminars specifically designed to help you compete with corporate practices. This structured training series gives newly qualified veterinarians and veterinary surgeons the leadership, communication, and business skills they need to flourish, and positions your practice as a place where they can grow deep into their careers.
MWI Animal Health representative in conversation with Vet at practice front desk

A Business Development Programme that delivers 

Our commitment

When you join the Business Academy, you can be certain you're receiving effective training from experts. We believe in the power of career development and putting your team in the position to succeed.

How it works

  • Sign up for the Academy
  • Two weeks after your seminar, join your first online session and download your new tools
  • Eight weeks later, join your second online session and download even more helpful tools
  • Eight weeks after that, access your final session and download the supporting documents
  • Book your three seminar placements (one for practice managers, two for team members)
  • Access your pre-course webinar, tools, and coursework online ahead of your seminar
  • Attend your course and get access to a new set of downloadable tools

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Our training programmes help your practice improve its long-term profitability and your staff members develop new skills that they'll use throughout their careers. Want to sign up and see exactly what our Business Academy can do for you? 
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