Release 2.8

April 2018

New Features

This release contains the following new features which will be covered in more detail in sections below:  1) Abaxis VetScan Fuse Integration  2) Navigation Menu Changes  3) GDPR Tools 

Abaxis VetScan Fuse Integration

Voyager is now fully integrated with Abaxis new VetScan Fuse, see the documentation for full instructions. For enquires about the Fuse please contact Abaxis. 

Navigation Menu Changes

We have reorganised the menu, the Marketing menu has been removed and these items are now available under Utilities.
All the Administration menu's previously under Utilities have been moved into a new menu called "Administration"


We have put together a summary document of what GDPR means for your practice and how this affects this release of Voyager, click the button below to view.

How do these changes fit with your practice's policies?

We have made our implementation flexible enough for each practice's own policies and the mechanisms required within the GDPR.
Some practices wish to record specifically that they have taken consent for their own reassurance, however, within a usual practice we do not believe recording consent is required because of legitimate interest or contract.

The PMS will not require you to record that consent was taken in order to undertake any work or use the data recorded or even save the data initially.
The PMS will, however, ask for the method and context in which the data was gathered for purposes of ‘communication preference’ expiration (auto opt-out) which is configurable by your practice.

Separate from this, you can generate a ‘Privacy and Terms & Conditions Document’ if your practice wishes to utilise this button, or simply record that a document was handed over (pre-printed) and if the client understood what was provided (this is where some practices may wish to specifically record consent by the client signing the document).

If your practice does not wish to use that bit of functionality the PMS will not enforce it.

However this is where you may want to state clearly to the client during the registration process that you hold the data under legitimate interest and/or contract and that legislation such as the Veterinary Medicines Regulations require you to hold data for 7 years; in this case the document can be used simply has a handout and could be a pre-printed standard document which you may already have.


How does this affect the day to day usage of Voyager?

Please view the following documents and Video's for what is included in this version of Voyager, subsequent releases will include more features and changes to existing features.

GDPR Training Videos


2.8 Initial Release


Error adding a Refund   (4801) 
An error occurred in a scenario when issuing a refund.
Deleting items already Credited with Return to Stock   (4665, 4584) 
Credited stock/batch items deleted from history are returning additional quantities back to stock

Code Entry

Composites Grid   (4660) 
Items with price deviation show the wrong price in composites grid in code entry and treatment.


Special Surgeon   (4446) 
Action Surgeon appearing in Waiting list


Date of Birth Removal   (5008) 
An issue has been identified where intermittently a patients date of birth may have been removed due to editing patient notes.


Income by Species   (4732) 
The Income by Species report was showing results for sites the user did not have access to.


Estimate Treatment Site   (4682) 
An estimate treated from a site that differs from the creation site does not destock the item from either stock centre.
Treatment Label   (4600) 
Prescribed By settings for labels were not working correctly for some scenarios.
Discounted Item Price   (4595) 
When editing the description of an item with a discount category assigned, it is reverting back to full price.


Lab Report   (4475) 
Some comments were not loading on the Lab Report