Release 2.7

March 2017 - January 2018

New Features

This release contains the following new features which will be covered in more detail in sections below: 1) Appointment Scheduler Update 2) Add Weight from Waiting List  3) Client Detail Checker  4) SMS and Email Communications  5) Compliance Reminders Improvements  6) Drag and Drop Document Management  7) Email Improvements  8) Follow Up Appointment Module  9) Health Care Plan - Enhancements  10) Referral Improvements  11) Reminder Improvements  12) Reminder Scheduler  13) VetXML Lab Notification Integration Release 1 [2.7 - 94] also includes the following: 14) Prospect Clients - Online Appointment Booking 

Use the links below to jump to the different updates:


Please Note, that the by Product view of "Type" reminders has been removed from this version, the reminder module contains By Type, Compliance Reminders and Appointment Reminders.

The minimum version of Java for Voyager is Java 6, we recommend that Java 7 or above is used; if updating your Java ensure that the 32-bit version only is installed. Voyager will not work with 64-bit Java. 


Update 5 - February 2018

Appointment Scheduler Update

Appointment reminders have been relocated from the diary to the reminders module. The module has been enhanced to match the simpler design and functionality implemented into the compliance reminder module. Appointment Reminders can now also send email reminders. 

Add Weight from Waiting List

An add weight option has been added to the waiting list. This is available via right click or an add weight button. 

Client Detail Checker

It is now possible to be prompted to check the client details when the client is selected. 
This new workflow allows prompts the user at a set interval, the feature needs to be enabled before it will become functional. 

SMS and Email Communications

Client email & SMS content is now stored within the client communication tab. 

 1. SMS sent content via double click
 2. Sent Email contents 
 3. Email contents via double click 
 4. Email attachments via double click 
 5. Module communication is sent from is noted

Compliance Reminders Improvements

Compliance Reminders have been improved with some new logic to improve the client' experience.

Drag and Drop Document Management

It is now possible to drag and drop files from your folder direct to the history of the patient. 

Email Improvements

Improvements to the email functionality within the system including Contact Lists and automatic conversion of word documents to PDF. 

Follow Up Appointment Module

The follow up appointment functionality has been added to the system to assist in creating the next follow-up appointment for the visiting client/patient. This functionality can be enforced or can be an optional requirement and is to improve return footfall. 

Health Care Plan - Enhancements

Various Improvements to Health Care Plan usability and configuration has been added to assist Administrator and users alike, please see the documentation for full details.

We have updated the Health Care Plan Documentation from previous releases and added a new Guidance document, to download these, please click on the links below:

Referral Improvements

A few improvements have been made to make the referral module more accessible and improve information access.

Reminder Improvements

How reminders are presented in the patients summary has changed, this is to make the information easier to understand without indepth understanding of all products in the market.

VetXML Lab Notification

When a Lab result is received through the VetXML interface you can now be informed through internal messaging, see documentation for details.


Known Issues

Health Care Plan

Discounts   (3495) 
Health care composite items are not adhering to the allowance rule & are applying additional discounts to all children items with the HCP group set within code entry. It is advised not to include the parent composite in health care plans.

Re-Join Previous Plan   (3698) 
Joining a new plan, then returning to the previous plan, is not reducing the HCP allowance, instead it is applying the cost to the ended plan. 


Return   (3528) 
Return item for a wholesale order item with associated batch data is causing an exception to occur & does not adjust batch stock levels

Update 5 [2.7-109] - February 2018



Layout Issue   (4326) 
Statements Date Printed Overlaps


Client Details Check

Workflow Correction   (4332) 
Client Details checker will not ask for detail unless the previous client has been asked

Workflow Correction   (4328) 
Client Detail Checker – Day Lists – right click not triggering the detail checker


Code Entry

Performance   (4359) 
Composite addition can cause a system wide performance problem.



Sending Site   (4324) 
Scheduled SMS and Email messages now correctly send from the site defined in the Voyager Comms Service

Opt Out options   (4319) 
Do Not Send Any Text Messages’ option not working correctly.



Communication   (4381) 
Debtors email and print is printing less statements than the standard debtors statements, despite all email clients being unticked

Reports   (4369) 
Generating Group Statement and Invoices does not Generate Invoices.

Custom Report Miscalculation   (4320) 
Running debtors invoice shows incorrect amount due at period end



Unexpected Behaviour   (4341) 
Ticking/Unticking a default for a specific site is making the change for all sites



Day List   (4472) 
Unable to undischarge hospital appointments.

Follow Up Appointment   (4468) 
Prompt appearing could cause a double click in the wrong column.

Performance   (4477) 
Hospital List speed has been reviewed and resolved.

Availability   (4425) 
Incorrect ‘Appointments exist for this availability.’ message

Follow Up Appointment   (4418) 
Follow up is looking up the selected surgeon, rather than the appointment surgeon type

Follow Up Appointment   (4437) 
An incorrect appointment is treated when the surgeon list does not generate on the first attempt


Internal Messaging

Workflow   (4371) 
Select user from the To list and send message. Unknown recipient message appears.

Links   (4362) 
Client/patient link in internal messages not working



Gender   (4392) 
Unticking a gender that has been previously applied to a patient/patients, is causing the gender to be replaced by a separate active gender



Associated Clients   (4474) 
Exception deleting some associated clients.

Patient   (4372) 
Setting deceased date is not generating the ‘delete future appointments’ window

Workflow Correction   (3666) 
Selecting no mobile when creating/editing a client is changing focus to mob.personal.



Custom Reports   (4440) 
Collation Error when Generating Reports

Month End   (4427) 
Report error on printing Treatment Area Month End Report

Output   (4180) 
Generating CSV reports for Stock shows information differently

Custom Reports   (4358) 
Reports>Daily Cash. Report mapping is not configurable


Stock Control

Stock Movement   (3805) 
Changing Stock Centre in History adds duplicate stock movement

Undisplayed Data   (3485) 
Stock movement >Client Name is missing if item refunded/returned/credited



HCP   (4463) 
Health care items added via barcode provides an error.

Health Care Plan   (4422) 
Editing the quantity of a HCP item is zeroing the discount

Health Care Plan   (4410) 
HCP Discount is now removed when the quantity is zero.

Composites   (4388) 
Composites created at the main site with branch site children, are duplicated within the treatment fast track

Editing Treatment   (4396) 
Total Price changes when changing Surgeon

Work not appending   (4335) 
Reprint label & dispense/repeat for today is not adding to draft



Price Import   (4423) 
NVS price file import error.


Integration Update 1 [2.7-94] - November 2017


New Function (Prospect Clients)   (4093) 
This module allows for an integration for prospect clients to make appointments online. The first company integrating with this feature is Vet Storia.

New API   (4105) 
We have now developed an API native to Voyager. This will be expanded upon with future releases

Follow Up Appointment

Reasons   (4248) 
Only follow up appointment reasons should be shown in the end of appointment prompt

Multiple Appointments   (4176) 
Presentation issue resolved when the same patient has 2 appointments, one with and one without a follow up request completed.


Addresses   (4296) 
Addresses on letters showing 1 character to far left for window envelopes.


Discounts Missing   (4301) 
Discounts from accounts were not being included in the Vet XML claim


Update 4 [2.7-85] - October 2017

Health Care Plan

Renewals   (4194) 
Renewals for specific sites are not functioning correctly

Set Auto Action   (4167) 
An exception occurs when setting an auto action within HCP renewals

Write Off   (4220) 
The HCP renewals process is applying write-offs to incorrect plans


Audit   (4184) 
The stock audit report is generating an exception when exporting to CSV

Surcharge   (4214) 
The month end report is not collecting the relevant surcharge data


NVS   (4148) 
NVS received orders are doubling up on stock levels

Price Update   (4191) 
Whilst importing a price update, the staging data window does not allow the user to progress any further

Treatment Area

Fast Track Order   (4185) 
The treatment module fast track will show all capital results at the top of the list, followed by the lower-case codes. They are not adhering to alphabetical ordering

Internal Messaging

Sorting   (4171) 
Sorting by the name column within messaging maintenance is returning the original selected users, rather than the current group users


No Email Statements   (4168) 
Printing statements for clients without email data within the email debtors window is not printing the correct statements

Document Management

Documents 100Mb Restriction   (4224) 
A restriction of 100mb for documents has been applied to Voyager. Documents added at one site, are now available at any separate branch site


Update 3 [2.7-82] - September 2017

Follow Up Appointment

Declined Re-Activates   (4036) 
Appointment declined reactivates when appointment is reselected or the user navigates to the treatment module

Delete Appointment   (4035) 
Delete appointment does not close follow up appointment work flow & cannot be ended

Medication To Collect   (4050) 
Medication to collect does not activate when items are saved to pre-invoice

Future Follow Up Appointment   (3595) 
Follow up appointment date is being set to 1970

Follow Up Summary Panel   (4104) 
The follow up summary panel closes when making appointments & processing payments. This should remain open until end appointment is selected

Health Care Plan

Patient Duplication   (4151) 
Patients are being duplicated when associated to multiple health care plans

Patient Focus HCP   (4144) 
Patient focus is not functioning when navigating via an appointment, to the treatment module & then to Join HCP screen

Equivalent Quantity Multiplier   (4116) 
EQM is allowing discount amounts over the allowance maximum

Sales By Client & Detailed   (4109) 
The HCP Sales by Client & HCP Sales by Detailed reports are giving different figures


Code Discounts   (4160) 
Code discounts are hidden from statements when the default ‘Group code discounts/credits into one line’ is ticked

Charity Items   (4140) 
Charity items are not being listed within the discounts tab

VAT Codes For Charity Accounts   (4135) 
The VAT code field is greyed out within the discount/credit tabs for Charity Accounts, regardless of the NO VAT options

Patient Reminders

Re-Initiate Reminders   (4154) 
Re-initiate reminders causes an exception to occur

Recall Paragraph 1st, 2nd & 3rd Reminders   (4132) 
Sending a recall paragraph for three patients under the same client   (with 1st, 2nd & 3rd reminders) is amalgamating the paragraphs when emailed

Recall Paragraph Merge Fields   (4127) 
Recall paragraphs are sending the merge fields via the automatic schedule list


NVS Ordering   (4148) 
Batch download is duplicating order items

Batch Number   (4031) 
Incorrect batch number data is being collected when deleting from Barcodes


Diary Follow Up   (4029) 
The follow up appointment activates via single click within the diary module, as well as when double clicking to navigate to the treatment module

Same Name Patient   (4043) 
Appointments in reception are showing for another client that has a patient with the same name


Printing Labels Exception   (4147) 
An exception occurs when printing labels from Reception when navigating through from the diary module & the treatment module

Appointment Length   (4129) 
Specialist surgeon duration lengths are applying incorrect values


Percentage Discounts   (4026) 
Percentage discounts are missing from within the detailed statement


Selected Animal Error   (4039) 
Saving an estimate to draft is stating that the estimate is not for the selected animal


Java 8 Error   (4047) 
Java 8.141 error occurs when opening Voyager

Labs External

Inserting Lab   (4108) 
An exception occurs when entering a lab result


Reason Colour   (4141) 
Once an appointment colour is set against a reason, the colour cannot be amended

Treatment Area

Prescription Document   (4123) 
Generating a prescription treatment & saving the item to history is causing an exception to occur with regards to the prescription document

Archive White Space   (4163) 
Items within the archive tab include white space within the description column


Password Alignment   (4095) 
An issue occurs where passwords are not aligned to the users table


Plan Name   (4025) 
Plan names are not displaying correctly within the health care Plan report ‘Joined by Date’


Patient Focus Consent Forms & Labels   (4125) 
Patient focus is not functioning when navigating via an appointment, to the treatment module & then to the reception module


Last Payment Date   (4164) 
Last payment date is including records outside of the set range


Print Repeat Prescription   (4142) 
Print repeat prescription report is returning all results, rather than the specified date results


Inherited Composite Children   (4089) 
Inherited composites within a composite is causing an exception to occur


Text Display   (3767) 
New client communication message storing does not show the entirety of the text message


Tax Id   (4006) 
Charity client invoice items are saved with the incorrect tax ID, if the charity client is not set with “Charity   (No VAT)” option

Associated Clients

Positive Discount   (4015) 
Associated client receives a positive discount when the treat discount is active


Review Messages Sent   (4137) 
Review messages sent is only displaying 194 characters. It should display the entire text message


Microchip Window   (4124) 
Microchip ticks are incorrectly greyed out


Update 2 [2.7-26] - April 2017



Voyager Icon   (3697) 

The Voyager icon for desktop & software has been updated


No Destock   (3711)  No destock items are returned to stock when deleted/credited

Client Details Check

Details Check Form   (3706) 
Details check form only includes client name on first animal form



Allow Discount Paid Items   (3709) 
Unticking the default ‘allow discount paid items’ is causing negative or zero balance values to be returned to an account

Delete Stock   (3721) 
Delete stock item from the accounts module does not prompt the user to return item(s) to stock


Treatment Area

Discounts   (3702) 
Discount net & VAT values are calculating differently from the treatment item

Edit No Destock Items   (3722) 
No destock items are returned to stock when edited in history/pre-invoice


Health Care Plan

Write Off   (3680) 
Write off VAT is not collected or displayed

Receipt   (3676) 
HCP payment receipt is printing the main accounts receipt balance & data

Direct Debit Import   (3684) 
Consecutive uploads of a HCP direct debit import file, which includes a returned payment record is adding the return value as a payment value


Update 1 [2.7-17] - March 2017

Appointment Reminders

Appointment Date Merge Field   (3609) 
AppointmentDate merge field is not collecting the relevant data when emailed

Start Date With No Second Merge Field   (3621) 
StartDateWithNoSecond merge field has not been included within the new module

Appointment Date & Product Description   (3608) 
All communication sent within the appointment reminders module & the compliance reminders module are including the appointment date & product description of the last item


Month End   (3568) 
Category Summary By Item Date & Category Summary By Invoice Date reports do not generate after a subsequent amount of time

Payment Analysis   (3566) 
The payment analysis reports are not returning the relevant data

Unallocated Payments   (3562) 
The unallocated payments reports are not returning the relevant data


Report Mapping   (3551) 
Report mapping templates are returning no valid records, causing an exception to occur

Appointment Reasons   (3629) 
Unable to delete appointment reasons


Change Invoice Date   (3619) 
Change invoice date is amending the item date to match the modified date

Charity Balance Payment   (3611) 
An exception occurs when processing a balance payment on a charity account

Health Care Plan

Direct Debit Import   (3505) 
Payments are displaying as failed. However, records are being inserted into the database

Duplicate Imports   (3482) 
Duplicate imports of the same CSV file are possible. This should be restricted


Durations   (3532) 
Hospital duration values are ignored & set to zero


Appointment Summary   (3187) 
The appointment summary is not displaying the selected surgeons name

Associated Clients

Delete From Pre-Invoice   (3550) 
Deleting treatment items from within the pre-invoice module for an associated client causes an exception to occur, which causes system instability


Numeric Merge Fields   (3531) 
All numeric merge fields displaying as four decimal places


Add Search   (3628) 
Wholesale add search description field causes an exception to occur when entering data


Double Cursor   (3547) 
Duplicate cursor focuses occur within the email window


Multiple Notes   (3491) 
Performance issues occur when copying & pasting multiple diary notes

System Maintenance


Performance   (2537) 
Debtors performance reviewed & improved


Free Text Capabilities   (1616) 
Free text capabilities for library options species, breed and towns have been removed. New data for the libraries can only be created within the libraries module


Removal   (2763) 
The following reports have been removed. 
1. Statistical > Patient Health Score. 
2. Sales > Treatment Split – 1/3 Drugs and 2/3 Fees 


Settings   (1481) 
The SMS default tab has been restored after maintenance


Mileage Surcharge   (2451) 
Mileage surcharge has been removed from the system

Performance   (3365) 
Treatment history performance reviewed & enhanced

Barcode Assignment   (2217) 
The ability to assign barcodes to treatment items within the treatment module has been removed. This functionality is handled within code entry


Delete All Recorded Weights   (3397) 
‘Do you wish to delete all recorded weights for this patient, or revert to the previous recorded weight?’ functionality has been removed


2.7 Initial Release

Code Entry

Net-Net   (3374) 
Net-net is not displaying the calculated value

Price Deviation   (2775) 
Changing Price deviations at a site is not enabling the save button

Stock Control

Stock Movement   (3093) 
Stock transfer is not displaying the transferred batch data within the stock movement functionality

Branch Transfer   (2921) 
Selecting cancel within the batch branch transfer window is still transferring the stock


Associated Client   (2694) 
Exception occurs when deleting an associated client

Farm Animal Insurance   (3090) 
Farm animal states that insurance is a mandatory requirement, despite the default ‘mandatory patient insurance’ being unticked

Treatment Label

Treatment Label   (2520) 
‘<' or '>‘ signs are not showing on treatment labels when printed

Treatment Transfer

Transfer Treatment Balance   (2943) 
Transferring treatments is not refreshing the accounts balance

Day list

Opposite Action   (1751) 
Card list opposite action icon missing when reverting a process


Reminder Type All   (3169) 
Libraries reminder type cannot be saved as all

Treatment Types   (3071) 
Newly created treatment types are setting the dispensing note as none when created


Login History   (1890) 
Login history data is not collected

Username With Space   (1159) 
Username with a space after the credentials is allowing successful login but restricts data from being loaded


Core Category   (3053) 
Core category health care items saved to estimate become non-core hcp items when saved to history

Batch Sites   (3421) 
Estimate saved with batches at another site are applying incorrect batch site data

Commencing Date   (3171) 
Commencing date does not adjust to the current date when saving from estimates

Compliance Reminders

Mandatory Description   (2662) 
Description in compliance reminders should not be mandatory

Enterprise Reports

Merge Field Data Collection   (3091) 
Report wizard is not collecting all relevant merge field data relating to first opinion

Appointment Reminders

Merge Field   (3480) 
The ${AppointmentDate} merge field is missing in the appointment reminders module


Site Default Values   (2978) 
Unable to set site default values

Edit Batch Permission   (2352) 
User without the edit batch permission can edit batch data

Default Site   (2221) 
Security with the default site set to all is not returning any data


Sales By Code Description   (3329) 
The sales by code description report is only showing stock items

Sales By Client   (3070) 
Health care sales by client is causing an exception to occur

Surgeon List   (2702) 
The surgeon list within the report wizard is limited to the logged in sites surgeon list, rather than the users’ applicable sites surgeon lists

Individual Treatment Id’S   (2704) 
The report wizard is not picking up individual treatment ID’s when multiple treatments of the same item are treated at the same time


Transfer Appointment   (3113) 
Transferring a treatment should not transfer the associated appointment

Future Appointments   (3340) 
Deleting future appointments is causing an exception error to occur

Operations   (2339) 
Operation appointments are overlapping timeslots, causing separate appointments to become hidden


Duplicate Batch Restrictions   (3039) 
Duplicate batch numbers are not restricted when using add barcode within wholesale view order

Tote Scan Receive Stock   (3044) 
Tote scanning an order is not receiving the stock

Unabandon Item   (3038) 
Unabandon item functionality is not functioning

Import Order   (3023) 
Importing an order is printing a blank document

Price Per Pack Barcode   (2505) 
The price per pack value is rounding incorrectly within the barcode details window


Pop-Up Note   (2980) 
Pop-up note is restricting access to client right click options

Inactive Reminders   (2952) 
Inactive reminders still flag the patient as reminder overdue

Mobile Category   (2940) 
The mobile category set default is reverting to the ‘mob personal’ when saving/loading clients

Advanced Search   (2500) 
Advanced search clear option is not clearing the treatment field

Amending Client Category   (1736) 
Amending a newly created clients’ category causes the accounts balance to display as 0.00

Last Visited Date   (3209) 
Deleting treatment items is not resetting the last visited date


Duration   (3064) 
Editing an adjusted duration appointment is amending the set duration value to match the appointment reason value

Jump To The Top   (3067) 
Cut/copy & paste is causing the diary day view to jump to the top of the availability for all surgeons

Cannot Create Booking   (2989) 
Cannot create booking, the patient has been euthanised alert is displaying when sending a patient to the cremation list

Midnight   (2868) 
Appointment time will not span to midnight.

Prescription Reason   (2315) 
Repeat prescription reason is maintained for separate patient

Health Care Plan

Future Join Date   (3383) 
Health care plan with a future join date still applies discount

Write Off   (3166) 
Write off for a HCP credit account is increasing the negative value, rather than zeroing it

HCP Payment After Join   (3126) 
Processing a HCP payment straight after joining a plan is not adding the payment to the HCP accounts

HCP Payment Exception   (3072) 
HCP payment exception occurs

All Species   (3043) 
Creating a health care plan with species set to all causes an exception to occur

No Species   (2875) 
No species plans are replacing the species drop-down with separate plans species selections

Default Drop-Down   (2841) 
HCP accounts drop-down does not default to the active plan

Delete HCP Group   (1287) 
Cannot delete HCP group when assigned to a plan

Till   (3461) 
Till does not trigger when returning money from HCP

Crediting Non-Core Items   (3136) 
Crediting non-core items does not amend the discount gained on additional items sold via health plan

Credit HCP Item   (3130) 
Crediting HCP treatments does not reset the allowance

HCP Balance With Credit   (2890) 
Standard cost items are being applied to the health care accounts balance when the treatment quantity is credited

Editing Batch Data   (3492) 
Editing batch data is zeroing the HCP discount amount but is retaining the allowance deduction

Suspended Hcp Estimates   (2917) 
Suspended health care plans can have stored HCP estimate discounts added to the clients account continuously

Fast Track Hcp   (3473) 
Editing a HCP item in draft with a separate patient selected in the fast track is zeroing the HCP discount

Show Treatment Discounts Separately   (2899) 
Health care plan is not handling the default ‘show treatment discounts separately’ when turned off

Allowance   (3387) 
Health care allowance quantity is not adjusted, despite the associated HCP discount being applied

Suspended HCP Selection   (3174) 
Selecting a suspended HCP patient is highlighting the cell in green. This should be yellow to match the HCP status

Treatment Area

Treatment Area   (3354) 
Weight is collecting the default treatment area, rather than the selected treatment area

Microchip   (3277) 
Microchip null pointer stops the chip number from registering to the patient

Charity No Vat Stock Items   (2977) 
Manual treatment charity no vat   (stock items) resets VAT to zero when edited

Barcode   (2974) 
Health care items cannot be added via barcode

Send To   (2960) 
Send to task bar option is looking at the fast track patient selection, rather than the loaded patient

Charity No Vat For Manual Treatments   (2934) 
Charity no VAT   (stock items) is locking the VAT drop-down for manual treatments

Stock Centre Highlight   (2522) 
Delete treatment item from alternate stock centre incorrectly highlights the main stock centre

Sell As Whole Pack   (2366) 
Sell as whole pack from a historic treatment item is not adhering to the request to sell individually

Delete Estimate Permission   (2351) 
The permission of ‘delete estimate’ is not functioning correctly

Manual Treatment In Pre-Invoice   (1808) 
Manual treatment VAT value field can be amended within pre-invoice and history for clients marked with ‘charity no VAT’

Send To Code Entry Flag   (1746) 
Add to draft/Repeat for today on historic send to code items is not activating the send to workflow 

Exception   (2979) 
Manual treatment exception

Hidden Codes   (2175) 
Hidden items can be added via barcode

Alert Sex From Pre-Invoice   (2314) 
Alter sex item deletion from pre-invoice does not prompt the user to revert gender


In-Patient   (3352) 
Debtors include non-in-patient treatments when printing or emailing invoices

Print Invoices   (3132) 
Print invoices from debtors are causing an exception to occur

Blank Invoices   (3033) 
Blank invoices are emailed to debtors

Account Category   (1143) 
Debtors account category is not reset

No Statements   (3452) 
Email debtors no statements/invoices for a client with ‘no statements’ ticked within client additional information, is causing an exception

Zero Balance   (2913) 
Debtors statements are not printing if the current balance is zero

Account Credits   (3226) 
Debtors screen is applying account credits to outstanding balances

Batch Traceability

Stock Centre   (3088) 
Batch stock level is not returned to selected stock centre

Branch Transfer

Branch Transfer   (3014) 
Branch transfer is not transferring the batch stock level

Cashing Up

23:59:59   (3109) 
When cashing up, if times are set to 23:59:59, the cash data is not reported 


Edit Label For Prescription   (3404) 
Edit label for a prescription item causes cost to be applied in history & pre-invoice


Rounding During Tab   (2835) 
Monetary value of 213.81 is rounding down when tabbing through fields

Rounding   (2687) 
Write off rounding to four places

Return To Stock   (3470) 
Credited stock/batch items deleted from history are returning additional quantities back to stock

Crediting HCP   (3455) 
Crediting an item within accounts and selecting to not return to stock is retaining the HCP allowance reduction

Esd   (2739) 
Early settlement discounts are accepted for future dates

Statements   (2674) 
Cannot print statements from Accounts. An exception occurs

Charity No Vat   (2967) 
Charity no VAT does not lock and set VAT value to zero

Mandate   (3498) 
View mandates opens the mandate window behind the direct debit subscriptions window

Hospital List

Repeat Appointment   (1724) 
Hospital appointments are disappearing after auctioning a repeat appointment