Release 2.6

December 2016

Feature Changes

This release contains the following new features which will be covered in more detail in sections below: 1) Add to Day List - Treatment Prompt 2) Direct Debit Integration for Health Care Plan 3) VetXML Maintenance Screens 4) Buying Group Discount Import 5) Health Care Plan Reports 6) Health Care Plan - Benefits Information 7) Health Care Plan - Renewals Processing

Improvements and Bugs Fixed

Direct Debit Integration for Health Care Plan

Direct Debit Integration allows direct management of direct debits provided by Vet Space through the Practice Management System. This allows functionality such as automatic suspension on failed payments and direct debit renewals.

VetXML Maintenance Screens

The VetXML maintenance window has now been implemented into Voyager without the need of an additional software installation. For the documentation please select the required link below.
Buying Group Discount Import
This feature provides the ability to import a CSV file which contains the Net-Net and Net-Net-Net discount percentage as provided by your buying group. Combine this functionality with "Use Cost" to provide lower starting costs to mark up from.
Health Care Plan - Renewals Processing
Health Plan Renewals is an Admin tool for Health plans that allows you to set what happens at the end of a Client’s HCP. If you missed the previous new feature documentation, click the buttons below to download. If you missed the previous 3 documents regarding Health Care Plan they are available below.

Health Care Plan Reports & Benefit Information
‘Benefits of plan’ has been added to the health care tab within the treatment module. This includes the values for discount gained on core plan items & discount gained on additional items sold via plan.

A new report ‘Health Care Sales by Surgeon - Treatment Type’ has been implemented, several reports have been updated to work with Treatment Group plans and indicate if used only for older code based plans.

Update 3 [2.6-31]

Code Entry
System performance   (3463) 
A user active within the code entry module is causing system performance issues for a separate user that is using the Reception module.
Patient Reminders
Re-initiate   (3441) 
Re-initiating reminders is causing duplicate records to become active.
Deletion error   (3477) 
Deleting multiple pre-invoice records is causing an exception to occur.

Update 2 [2.6-29]

Code Entry
Newly created codes (3024) 
Newly created code entry items are not populating the results grid automatically.
No statement clients (3409)
Clients marked with 'no statements' within client additional information are generating a zero-balance statement within the debtors module. 
Refresh (3427)
Maintenance has been completed on diary refreshing.

Update 1 [2.6-22]

Daily Sales
Daily balance total (3327)
The daily balance total is collecting the receipts column field value.
Refresh Performance (3247)
A change to the application for how the diary refresh is implemented has resulted in better performance across the system.
Health Care Plan
Discount calculation for multiple instances of the same treatment group (3331)
Maintenance has been completed on the way that the new health care plan handles multiple instances of the same health care group. This will now use the view order assigned to the health care group.
Create monthly Accounts Exception (3266)
An exception occurs when printing monthly invoices within the finance menu.
Labs Internal
Unable to delete (3260)
An exception occurs when deleting any lab request or lab category.
Add vouchers (3262)Unable to add predefined discount entry for same code across multiple sites

2.6 Initial Release 

Vat Summarised in Net Value (2935)
When processing a charity payment for account items with VAT applied, the VAT is incorrectly included in the net value. 
Surname Returns All Records (1226)
Hitting 'enter' within the surname field for a new appointment window is returning all client records.
Print Exception (1734)
An exception occurs when printing from the archive tab within the treatment module.
Clinical Note
Treat Date As Booking Date (2424)
The default 'treat date as booking date' does not function for clinical notes.
Daily Sales Include Write Offs (1924)
The default 'daily sales include write off's' is not working correctly. Whether the default is ticked or unticked, the write off record will still display.
Code Entry/Treatment Area
Sell as Whole Pack for Quantity of 1 (2938)
Selling a whole pack treatment item with the quantity per pack set to one, is destocking an incorrect value.
About Section (1697)
The about section has been amended from 'Vet Space' to 'Voyager'.
Early Settlement Discount
Selection of Date (1293)
Unable to select dates within the early settlement calendar.
Document Management
Prescription Document Change (2607)
Changes to a prescription document are not saving during first edition of the template.
Nine-Digit Invoice Numbers (2545)
Nine-digit invoice numbers only print as eight digits.
Repeat Prescription Deletion   (2086) 
Deleting a repeat prescription item within accounts is causing an exception to occur.
Invoice Date Only To Be After Consolidation Date And Allow Item Dates To Be In Any Range   (2423) 
Changing an invoice date outside of the accounting period is not being restricted when the default ‘Invoice date only to be after consolidation date and allow item dates to be in any range’ is switched on.
Partial Crediting   (1972) 
A rounding issue occurs when partially crediting a treatment item.
Monetary Value Deletion   (1160)
Entered monetary values cannot be deleted, only overwritten.
Refund Line Item   (1573) 
The associated refund line item for returned to stock treatments is incorrectly retained when the treatment item is deleted.
Multiple Return Money Records   (1714) 
Deleting multiple returned money records is causing a system error to occur.
Delete Reminder Refund Line   (2606) 
Deleting a refund line for a returned reminder stock item is not re-activating the patient reminder.
Delete Refund Line For Destock Only Child Item   (2678) 
Deleting the refund line for a destock only child item within a composite is not prompting the system to re-destock the item.
Return Money For Negative Balance   (2617) 
Returning money for a negative account balance is causing an exception to occur.
Re-Initiate Reminders For Credited Items   (2602) 
Re-initiating reminders is incorrectly re-activating credited/returned to stock treatment items.
All Sites   (2360) 
The all sites accounting period line can be deleted.
Discount Item Within A Composite   (2778) 
Child discount treatment codes within a composite are not allocating correctly when a treatment item is marked as ‘no charge’.
Change Invoice Date/Modified Date   (2742) 
Changing the invoice date within the accounts module is also amending the modified date.
Partially Discounted Items   (1862) 
Unable to re-allocate payments for partially discounted items.
Re-Allocate Payments Exception   (2540) 
Selecting ‘no’ within the re-allocate payments window is causing an exception to occur.
Unallocate Items   (1872) 
Unallocate items functionality is now available with or without the re-allocate payments button.
Predefined Discount Entry   (1045) 
The predefined discount entry cost value stored within libraries is incorrectly being amended when applied within the accounts module.
Surcharges   (2706) 
Surcharges do not apply for paid/discounted items.
Multiple Discount Percentages   (2716) 
Applying multiple discount percentages against a singular treatment item is causing a rounding issue to occur.
Print Invoice For Paid Items   (1570) 
Unable to print invoices for paid treatment items.
Statement Range Report   (2785) 
The account statement using the date range report is displaying an incorrect balance brought forward.
Write Off Calculation Amendment   (2687) 
The write off functionality within accounts now calculates from the gross value, rather than the net value when VAT is amended.
Part Paid Invoice Items   (2920) 
Unable to print invoices for partially paid invoice items.
Refund Line For Discounted Item   (1731) 
The refund line for a discounted treatment item is not deleted when the discount is removed.

Category Summary By Invoice Date & Treatment Area Summary By Invoice Date (2947) 
Incorrect turnover values are showing between the category summary by invoice date report & the treatment area summary by invoice date.
Stock Usage Report   (1886) 
The stock usage report is showing the quantity as zero for items which are one hundred percent discounted.
Average Transaction Report   (1594) 
An exception occurs when printing the average transaction report.
Report Wizard Microchipped   (2090) 
Generating a report for microchipped ‘Yes’ is including non-microchip data.
Header Record Delimiters   (2503) 
A header record delimiters prompt displays when attempting to print letters from within the report wizard.
None Active Patients   (2784) 
Clients with no patient records are being included in the none active patients report.
Stock Movement Report   (2856) 
The stock movement report is displaying duplicate records.
Treatment Type Summary By Invoice Date   (2432) 
Printing the report ‘treatment type summary by invoice date’ is causing a system performance issue.

Treatment Area
Treatment Discount (1801)
Editing a treatment with an associated treatment discount code item is causing the discount value to zero.
Overwrite Rounding  (1919) 
The net value for an overwrite price treatment item is not rounding correctly when the VAT is zeroed.
Minimum Charge Vat   (2118) 
The minimum charge net value is amending with the VAT.
Hcp To Draft   (2112) 
An exception occurs whilst adding a health care discounted item to draft.
Euthanised Patient   (2122) 
Selecting a euthanised patient within the patients’ tab is navigating the user to the selected patients history, regardless of prompt button option.
Make Appointment (2123) 
Make appointment is focusing on the fast track patient, rather than the current patient.
New Codes Fast Track (1735) 
Newly created codes are not automatically collected within the treatment module fast track.
Credited/Returned To Stock (2619) 
Treatment items which have been credited/returned to stock can still be edited within treatment history.
Accounting Period Exception (2802)
An exception occurs whilst attempting to save a backdated treatment item outside of the accounting period to treatment history.
Top Item Retained (2529) 
When searching & clearing within the fast track, the item at the top of the fast track list is retained for all clients.
Minimum Charge Net (1642) 
The minimum charge net value is recalculating to match the gross value when the VAT is amended.
Site Set Vat Value (1632) 
When editing a manual treatment item within draft, the adjusted VAT value will default back to the site set VAT value within system sites.
Fast Track Hcp Access (2165) 
Amending the patient within the treatment fast track is incorrectly loading the fast track patients’ health care plan details.
Clinical Date (2584) 
The clinical note date field defaults to the current fast track time & date when edited.
Product Alert (1018) 
The product alert does not display if the item is repeated/added to draft from the treatment history.
No Cost Associated Client (2608) 
Unable to save treatment item with no cost to pre-invoice or history for an associated client.
Treatment Type Hidden (2795) 
Hidden treatment type items are still displaying within the treatment module.
Stock Centre Prompt (2082) 
The stock centre prompt is incorrectly displaying when a treatment history item has its description amended. Subsequently, stock is returned.
Delete Attached Vetxml Document (2538) 
Attempting to delete an attached document to a VetXML claim is causing an exception to occur.
Set Appointment As Treated Fast Track   (2722) 
The set appointment prompt displays for the loaded patient, despite the treatment being applied for a separate patient via the fast track.
Editing A Hidden Treatment Type Item (2818) 
An exception occurs whilst editing a hidden treatment type item within draft, pre-invoice & history.
Sell As Whole Pack Exclude Dispensing Fee (1870) 
Selecting repeat for today/add to draft/reprint label and dispense for a sell as whole pack excluding dispensing fee treatment item is adding to the draft with the dispensing fee included.

Compliance Reminders
Sell As Whole Pack Quantity (1650)
Compliance reminder records are duplicating by the sell as whole pack quantity. Therefore, if the sell as whole pack quantity is 10, it is creating 100 compliance records, rather than 10.  
Edit/Delete Automatic Schedule List (1670) 
An exception occurs when editing or deleting an existing automatic schedule list within compliance reminders.
Quantity Per Pack/Number Dispensed (1954) 
Compliance reminder records are generated upon quantity per pack, rather than the number dispensed.
Treatment Transfer (1666) 
Using the treatment transfer functionality within treatment history for a compliance reminder record is transferring the treatment but it is not transferring the reminder instance.
Breeds Filter (1672) 
The breeds filter within the compliance reminder module is not filtering according to the species filter.
Additional Information Flags (1791) 
The compliance reminder module does not send SMS or email reminders to a client if the opposite restriction flag has been ticked within the clients’ additional information. No email flag restricts SMS’s & no SMS flag restricts emails.
Template With Duplicate Name (1793) 
Saving a new compliance reminder email template with the same name as an existing template causes the template to disappear.
Preview Template (1786) 
Unable to preview a compliance reminder template created by a separate user.

Code Entry
Results Column (2929) 
The left hand side results column for code items is not updating when values are edited within code details.
Attach Document Reminder Required Exception (1635) 
An exception occurs when applying the attach document flag to a code entry item with reminder required also ticked.
Delete Assigned Attached Document (1636) 
Deleting a code entry template that is assigned to a code entry item with the flag ‘attach document’ is causing an exception to occur.
Reprint Label & Dispense For Whole Pack (2656) 
Reprint label & dispense treatment item flagged with ‘sell as whole pack’ is destocking an individual quantity, rather than the whole pack quantity.
Code Grid View Rounding (2490) 
The code grid view panel is calculating from the rounding value, whilst code entry maintenance calculates from the rounded net value.
Prevent Hide (2826) 
An exception occurs when ticking the ‘prevent hide’ functionality.

No Statements Flag (2388)
Debtors clients with the flag 'no statements' set within client additional information are receiving separate debtors invoice data.
Statements & Invoicing Options Null (1704) 
A singular null invoice is generated within debtors when generating invoices.
Publishing Debtor Template (1774) 
Publishing a newly created debtors template is not publishing the template to all users.
Do Not Send Any Email (1779) 
The email from debtors’ functionality ignores the ‘do not send ANY email’ flag within the clients’ additional information tab.
Summary Statement With Invoices (2384) 
An exception occurs when printing a summary statement with invoices within the debtors’ module.

Health Care Plan
Hcp Balance (1298) 
The health care balance within HCP accounts is not matching the balance within the HCP treatments tab. 
Additional Discount Applied (1852) 
Increasing a HCP items quantity within treatment history is incorrectly applying additional HCP discount above the allowance amount.
Hcp Discounts In Estimates (1856) 
Health care discounted treatment items can be added continuously from the estimates module, ignoring the allowance rule.
Amending Vat Value (1851) 
Amending the VAT value for a health care associated treatment item is causing the HCP discount to zero.
Editing Hcp For Ended Plans (1854) 
Editing a stored treatment history HCP treatment item for an ended plan is causing the stored discount to zero.

Batch Download Dunlops (1353) 
Batch download for dunlops is not increasing the stock level for specific treatment items. 
Branch Transfer Sorting (1388) 
Sorting by column headers within the branch transfer tab is assigning stock to an incorrect adjacent code.
Sorting For Barcodes (1024) 
Sorting by column headers within the barcodes tab & then selecting refresh is repopulating the data in an incorrect order.
Centaur Tote Scan (1918) 
When scanning a tote sheet for a centaur order, the real remaining quantity is not amending to the correct quantity value.
Tote Scan All Multiple Orders (1693) 
Scanning multiple barcodes is incorrectly creating multiple orders, rather than the singular order that they are assigned to.

Date of Birth (1945) 
The date of birth is calculating multiple options for the same date when using the 'enter age' functionality.
Category & Gender (2561) 
Amending the patient category is removing the patient’s gender. This has now been amended to retain the gender if the amended patient category includes the same species. Genders are defined by species. 
Patient Reminder Letters (1781) 
Reminder letters processed within the reminders module are not populating within the patient reminder letters tab.
Colour Is Not In The Database (867) 
The prompt ‘colour is not in the database’ is showing for stored colours.
Colour Is Not In The Database Exception (2368) 
Selecting Yes to the prompt ‘colour is not in the database’ is causing an exception to occur for stored colours.

Treatment Area (1732) 
An exception occurs when adding a new treatment area.
Reassign Treatment Area (1733) 
An exception occurs when attempting to delete a reassigned treatment area.
Appointment Reasons Empty (2788) 
Unable to add a new appointment reason when lost is empty.

Hospital List
Site All Memo (1693)
An exception occurs when attempting to add a memo to a record with sites set to 'All'.
Export To Csv (1753) 
Maintenance has been completed for all columns to collect the relevant data.
Show Discharged (2576) 
Show discharged lists all discharged patients. This has been amended to only show the selected date.

Registration Date (2463)
Modifying pre-existing client records is setting the registration date to the current date.
All Patients (2389)
Creating a client, modifying a patient & then cancelling the process is causing the patient grid to load all patients within the program.
Patient Display (2819)
Adding a new patient is not displaying the patient immediately.

Permission Apply Expired Early Settlement Discount (2197) 
The permission ‘apply expired early settlement discount’ has now been implemented successfully.
Permission Accounts – Payments (2202) 
The permission accounts – payments have now been applied against HCP payments. Therefore, if the permission is removed from the user actions folder, payments within the health care module will be disabled.
Switch User (2108) 
Maintenance has been completed on the switch user functionality relating to switching between restricted & full access users.

Daily Cash
Print (2527) 
Unable to print daily cash report.
Selects All (2426) 
The daily cash module selects all records upon first load before filtering results, which results in a performance issue.
Restricted User (1073) 
Daily cash printable documentation prints data for all sites, despite user restriction to specific site.

Daily Sales
Outstanding Daily Debt Report (1730) 
Values included for specific clients collected within the outstanding daily debt report are incorrect.
Restricted User (1074) 
Daily sales printable documentation prints data for all sites, despite user restriction to specific site.
Initials (1909) 
Initials data is not being collected within the daily sales module. The initials are also missing when exporting.

Associated Clients
Split On Invoice (1638) 
The invoice split between associated clients is not tallying equally.
Vat Amendment (2726) 
The VAT percentage is incorrectly amending when a treatment item is edited in either pre-invoice or history.

Sms Scheduler (2273) 
The SMS scheduler is not collecting the relevant data.
Multiple Slot Appointment (2696) 
An exception occurs when selecting the bottom cell of a multiple slot appointment.

Early Settlement Discount Allocation (2119) 
Early settlement discounts processed within debtors are remaining unallocated within the accounts module.
Client Discounts & Accounts Overpayment (1644) 
Two users processing the client discounts whilst also applying an account overpayment is causing a system performance issue to occur.

Stock Centres

Stock Movement To Slave Stock Centre (1785) 
Moving stock from one site to a seperate sites stock centre is causing an exception to occur.
Amending Stock Centre (1888) 
Amending the stock centre for an item saved to treatment history is  not amending the stock movement.

Print Invoice Debtors & Treatment (1675) 
An exception occurs when printing invoices from the debtors & treatment modules.
Invoicing Options (2563) 
The invoicing options feature experiences a system performance error whilst printing.

Patient Reminders
Export To Csv (2751) 
Reminder success rate export to CSV is causing an exception to occur.
Print Labels (2588) 
Print labels is not adhering to set filters within the reminders module & is printing for all reminder records.

Re-Initiate Reminders (2068) 
Re-initiate reminders does not take effect within pre-invoice.
Compliance Reminder (1621) 
Saving a compliance reminder treatment to pre-invoice is causing an exception to occur.

Price List
Print All (1592) 
An exception occurs when printing for all stock & non stock.
Price Per Pack (1739) 
The price per pack column is displaying the net value, rather than the gross cost.

Labs Internal
Exception (2469) 
An exception occurs when processing a lab request.

Disclaimer (1950) 
Maintenance has been completed on the wording of the login screen disclaimer.

Surgeon List
Surgeon/Sites Drop-Down (2330)
The site drop-down within surgeon/sites does not amend the relevant data.