Practice Management Technology

Our software enables vets to be more profitable and productive. 

Voyager improves business performance by providing centralised information and reducing administration to give you time to see more patients and generate income. Vets across the U.K. use our software to book over 5 million appointments annually.

Voyager makes it easier for your practice to: 

  • Manage client and patient records
  • Easily generate invoices 
  • Manage stock
  • Communicate with patients
  • Enhance your patients’ wellbeing
  • Make appointments
  • Synchronise clinical records
  • Set up patient reminders

Practice management that works anytime, anywhere.

Want an even smoother, simpler workflow? Our cloud-based technology, Merlin can help. It has all the features of Voyager, but is hosted remotely, saving on maintenance costs and automatically integrating with your systems wherever they are. That way, when anyone makes a change, it's instantly saved everywhere. You and your team can work simultaneously, make real-time updates and see them reflected immediately. Switch to Merlin today and you could be running your practice management software from laptops and mobile devices without any redundant data entry across platforms. 
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Using a different version of Voyager? Get updated to the latest version by speaking to a business development manager, or access release notes from past versions of Voyager. 
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