The Swift Mobile Treatment App

Practice Management Technology

Take your practice on the go.

Animal care doesn't just happen behind a computer. In order to work quickly and effectively, you need information at your fingertips at all times. The Swift mobile treatment app gives you that. It fully integrates with your Merlin practice management software, synchronising data, contacts, and more with compatible iOS and tablet devices. Capture video, text, audio, and photos from your consults and send them to your practice management technology in real time. Swift helps you deliver the best care with the most relevant information no matter where you are.

A mobile app made for your practice.

Swift is designed specifically for animal care practitioners, so its functions are tailored to your needs. In addition to integrating all of your client, patient, and clinical data, the app gives you up-to-date traffic information, a live diary for note taking, stock and batch capture capability on the go, quick access to relevant contacts, and a label printer. It takes advantage of your mobile device's audio and video recorder, storing in-app memos. Swift has a timer, so you can be sure your consultations are on time and on task. It even generate invoices. When you don't have service or an internet connection, you still have Swift. Store changes and synchronise with Merlin the next time you're online.

Technical requirements

In order to run Swift, you'll need an iPhone 4s or a more recent device, running iOS 8 or better. Once you've purchased Swift and received training, your download will be enabled in the App Store.

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Swift works in tandem with Merlin practice management software. Want to find out how they can help your practice or learn more about our flexible, comprehensive solutions?

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