Profit Diagnostix

Practice Management Technology

Practice made perfect

Getting a handle on your practice’s performance is the first step to making it the best it can be. Profit Diagnostix is a business intelligence solution that provides data and insight into many facets of your work—from client behaviors to staff performance to profitability—helping you direct your time and resources where they can make a real impact.

Unlock a new level of understanding. 

By automating key performance indicators (KPIs), analysing business performance, and helping manage your teams, Profit Diagnostix gives you new insight into your practice while reducing lost time on administrative tasks and enhancing profitability. It interfaces seamlessly with most practice databases, combining your practice management technology and accounting data to generate unique reports. You can access it anytime, anywhere, from any device. It's already changed the way more than 100 practices in Australia and the U.K. do business.

Don’t just store data. Harness it.

Optimise your practice quickly and effectively with Profit Diagnostix’s easy-to-understand reports.

Staff Performance 

Provide your staff with quality benchmarks and goals to help them on the road to professional growth and business success. Give them detailed, personalised reports on how they’re doing and where they can improve. Generate emails featuring performance targets set by your practice and schedule their delivery.

Business health checks

Get key insight into every detail of your practice. Organise patient interactions by type (first consultation, repeat visit, vaccination, etc.). Study revenue and measure your business against industry benchmarks. Learn about your clients’ behaviors and order them through a host of parameters from average spend to engagement time.

Profit and Loss Analysis

Take control of your accounting information with reports that paint a clear picture of your practice’s financial performance. Study profitability based on the EBITDA model (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortisation) adjusted for fair value (owner, wages, rent). 

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