Payment Processing

Healthcare plans with automated payment processing

Welcome to healthcare plans with automated payment processing. Welcome to improved cash flow, reduced administration and an enhanced customer treatment experience.

Managing payments is critical to the commercial success of a veterinary practice. Late or inconsistent payments hit your cash flow and the additional collection costs erode your profitability. It's been a major barrier for practices wanting to offer healthcare plans, but with us, that's changing.

Direct debit

An effective payment processing solution can free up your administrators, keep the bank manager at bay and make a significant contribution to your bottom line. Direct debit is the simplest and most convenient way for customers to make regular payments towards a healthcare plan. Now it's easy to set up and automate.

Fully integrated payment processing

Our new solution allows you to create direct debit mandates from within your practice management system. Once in place, it will automatically collect direct debit payments from customers anywhere in the U.K. Simply design a healthcare plan and assign a mandate.

Improved cash flow

Direct debit payment solutions enhance practice cash flow. They make healthcare plan payments simple for customers and help you to regularise your cash receipts. Plus, with direct debit through MWI Animal Health, cleared funds are credited into your bank account within five working days. 

Safe and secure solution

Our payment processing provider utilises military-grade security and file encryption to protect customer data. No customer payment data is held within your system, ensuring you are fully PCI DSS compliant and secure in the event of a cyber attack. 

Industry comparable rates

We have leveraged our market size to be able to offer individual practices direct access to volume discounts usually reserved for corporations. With low transaction fees, we present a compelling reason to offer your customers healthcare plans through direct debit. 

Enhanced customer service

No one likes to be chased for bill payment. Collecting payments through direct debit is an easier way to bill your customers. Clients can complete a direct debit mandate during a consultation or return it later by email. Once approved, direct debit processing is automated  within your practice management system, removing reconciliation and re-keying. It will even suspend a healthcare plan if a payment fails.

Deploy direct debit today

Healthcare plans with direct debit are available for installation with the latest version of Merlin. 

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