Release 2.3.65

December 2020

New Features

Invoice Templates

New Client Balance focused Templates

New invoice and multi-invoice templates have been added to Merlin's invoice portfolio. These templates can be generated from Accounts, Debtors and via the Create Monthly Invoices tool.

There are two types of Invoice Templates: 

1) Invoice templates focused on collecting the Invoice Balance.
2) Invoice templates focused on collecting the Client's Balance in full.

Both sets of templates allow you to add the following: Custom Logo, Custom Header and Custom Footer. PDF examples of these templates can be found in the Merlin manual. If you would like to implement these templates, please contact the Helpdesk.


New Orders - MWI Wholesale Messages

MSD Products

When creating an order in Merlin, messages from the MWI Price file will display in the New Order 'Wholesale Column'.



Customer Enhancements


Business Message (22780)

Replaced exception error with business message when adding characters into Return Money Value field.

Business Message (22732)

Correct date now displays on Write-Off reversal business message.

Return Money for Negative Balance (22676)

The Value field has been enabled to allow the users to overwrite the return money value.

Payments (22345)

Removed 'Outstanding Items Only' tick box from Accounts Payments screen as filter has no function.


Create /generate email template (22450)

Email Template button removed from Reminders Screen. Document Templates are now managed via: Administration > Document Templates.


Availability (22201)

Added restriction to Copy Availability functionality. Diary weeks can now only be copied 52 weeks at a time.

Availability (22721)

Diary Tag colours can now be modified and the tag displays in the appointment (if used).

Send to (22620)

Added ability to Send to Kennel from Operations and Repeat Prescription Columns.

Video Calls (22616)

Replaced Exception message with business message when trying to send an SMS link for a Client with no mobile number registered.


Client Discounts (22761, 22783)

Apply discounts button is now disabled after discounts have been applied and is reenabled on the next run.

Client Discounts (22782)

Added ability to select/deselect all from Client Discounts list.

Daily Sales (22663, 22662)

Added Debit and Initials column to Daily Sales CSV export.

Health Care Plan

Direct Debits (21737)

Disabled create subscription button for ended HCP plans.


Printing (19761)

Changed printing service to only check for and retry failed print jobs for the last 5 minutes.


Maintenance (22614)

Improvements to exception handling and Smart Flow integration stability.

Internal Messaging

Reply and Forward Icons (22774)

Added 'Replied' and 'Forwarded' icons to internal message inbox to show if a message has been actioned.


Consent Forms (22787)

Added ability to minimise consent forms once generated.


Referrals (22688)

Added icons to Referral Practice drop-down list to indicate if a practice is Internal or External.

Weight (20685)

Patient Weights will now be displayed as a Line Graph as default. Users can view weight charts as a bar chart by selecting the chart type as 'Condensed'.


Communications (20766)

Changed business message for documents stored in Client's communication tab. 

Prospect Clients (22624)

Improvement to prospect client criteria. Removed surname as initial matching criteria to reduce duplicate records.


Report Wizard (19323)

Changed format of Client's registered date to DD/MM/YYYY for system consistency.

Standard Report (22757)

Correction to description for 'Health Care Plans - Payments Not Received' report. This report calculates by HCP Joined Date, not payment date.


Manual Treatment (22555)

Added business message for 2000 character limit for Manual Treatments.

Clinical Notes (22679)

A minimise button has been added to the Clinical Notes screen to allow users to view treatment history whilst typing clinical notes.


ASN (21874)

Added cursor focus to Tote Scan screen.

Returns Form (22932)

Updated returns form to include return instructions for MWI Online Store.


Defect Fixes


Patient Filter (22677)

Resolved issue filtering by Patient Activity in Client's Account Screen.

Payments (22644)

Resolved issue with discounted return money transactions not displaying in Accounts Payments Screen.

Payments (22541)

Resolved an issue with deleting payments that have been allocated to an invoice adjustment before the consolidation date.


API calls for average waits are throwing errors (22664)

Resolved issues with the following API calls:



Appointments (22296)

Resolved issue with appointments edited in the Waiting list removing appointment length.


Templates (22559)

Resolved issue opening documents containing an ampersand (&) in the document title.

HTML Consent Forms (22804)

Resolved issue with generating HTML formatted Consent Forms.


File Watcher (22233)

Resolved an issue with filewatcher not collecting certain documents.


VetScan Fuse (22570)

Resolved issue with Lab results for HM5 Hematology (HEM) not showing as complete.


Appointments Reasons (20892)

Resolved issue with updating name field.

Account Categories (20891)

Resolved issue with updating name field.

Sites (22364)

Resolved issue with changing Default VAT value in Sites library.


Weight (22830)

Resolved workflow issue for users using the 'Show before treating' setting for Surgeon List.


Clinical Notes (22621)

Resolved an issue with Clinical notes 'Short text' functionality not recognising certain words.

Surgeons (22689)

Resolved issue with surgeon selection not defaulting to logged in user when using the 'Disabled' option for Surgeon List.


Documents (22790)

Resolved issue with SmartFlow documents displaying blank.


ASN (22801)

Resolved intermittent issue with items being received twice upon double-click.

ASN (22789)

Resolved issue with incorrect order statuus being set for manually imported orders.