Release 2.3.64

August 2020

MWI Pharmacy

Home Delivery

Products can now be sent directly to a Client's address from Merlin.
From the treatment screen you can specify if you want to dispense an item in-house, or via the MWI Pharmacy.
Prescriptions are created within Merlin and sent across daily to MWI Pharmacy for fulfillment.
When an order is placed, the Client's account is invoiced (with necessary discounts) and the item is added to the Patient's Treatment History.
Merlin receives live updates from the Pharmacy to track the fulfillment process, (Order Placed, Checked, Labelled, Packaged & Dispatched).

For more information, see the Merlin Manual or contact your Business Development Manager. 


Improvements and Bugs Fixed


Discounts (22475)
Treatments saved with a HCP discount and monetary discount now allocate the monetary discount to the treatment.
Payments  (22412)
Payment Types are now mandatory when trying to submit a payment.

Clinical Note

Short Text  (22422)

Improvements to text recognition for the Short Text functionality.


CSV Export  (22446)
Resolved formatting issue with Debtors CSV export.

Document Management

Document Preview  (22433)
Resolved issue with incorrect document date displaying when previewing a document.

Drag & Drop  (22464)
Files with special characters (i.e. _) can now be imported into Merlin via Drag & Drop functionality.


Holiday/Unavailable  (22423)
Issue with Holidays/Unavailable button not displaying resolved.

Copy & Paste  (22420)
Resolved an issue copying an appointment from a cloumn in the diary that has availability to a column that does not have availability

Appointment Length  (22400)

 Appointment length now displays when editing an appointment from the Waiting List.

Availability Tagging  (22391)
Availability Tags now show when editing existing Availability.

Daily Cash

Cashing Up  (21937)
Resolved issue with Positive and Negative values showing as the opposite value within the variance column.

Health Care Plan

HCP Renewals  (22173)
Time stamps no longer affect HCP Plan renewals.


Idexx Results  (22467)
Results sent from Idexx Vetlab Station with a space (instead of an underscore) were displaying as a zero value. This has been rectified.

Price List

Price list does not display bold text for composites  (11749)
Composite items now show in bold format from the Price List.


HCP Plan Status  (22110)
Resolved issue with HCP Plan Report not including all values.

Invoice Value List  (22471)
Min & Max filters have been added to the Invoice Value List Report.

Batch Sold - By Client  (22514)
Resolved issue with report not returning expected data.

Stock Usage Report  (22540)
HCP Treatments are now included in this report.

Surgery Header  (22533)
The surgery header is now wrapping on reports if the setting is enabled.

Two Thirds VAT rule  (22520)
Modifications to the Two Thirds rule report applied to meet Veterinary Services in Ireland's business rules.


Appointments  (22226)
Resolved Time Zone issue with appointments showing +1 hr ahead.


SMS Templates  (22448)
Resolved an issue with merge field $(AnimalName) not displaying in SMS Templates.


Patient Transfer  (22522)
Resolved an issue with transferring non-invoice items from one patient to another.

Surgeon List After Treatment  (22399)
Surgeon selection now displays when using display 'After Treatment' option. If you want to disable this prompt, we recommend using the 'Disabled' option in Settings > Treatment.


VETXML claims changing clinical note date  (22107)
Resolved issue with the date on clinical notes changing to the date of VetXML claim sent.


MWI Orders  (22465)
The time between order submission to Centaur has been updated from 5 minutes to 10 minutes.