Release 2.3.63

July 2020


Credit - ‘Exclude Dispense Fee’
A system setting has been added to change the behaviour of the 'Exclude Dispensing Fee?' prompting, when crediting an item.
This setting can be located on the Administration > Settings > Accounts screen.

Account Notes

Currently the accounts note icon does not amend & highlight when a note is added.
The Account Notes tab now highlights in blue if there is content within the Client's account notes.


Recently Accessed Clients
This feature has been added to the Activities Window. It helps you to view and access the last 5 Patients/Clients accessed (per user).


Additions & Improvements
A number of additions and performance improvements have been made to our API.
Our API facilitates the communication between Merlin and 3rd party providers.

Composite Workflow

System Setting - Continue to Next Item on Cancel ::
A system setting has been added to change the behaviour of the 'Continue to Next Item on Cancel' checkbox when dispensing a composite.
This setting can be located on the Administration > Settings > Treatment screen.


Availability Tagging
Diary Availabilities can now be 'tagged'. This enables you to note information against appointment slots.
For example, you can note what room a surgeon will be using at specific times throughout the day.

Document Editor

A new document editor solution is available in the 2.3.63 release. This solution allows multiple users to generate and modify documents in real-time.
In addition the administration of templates has been separated from the generation of documents.

Collabora will be rolled out shortly after the upgrade and we will be in contact with further information. 

Document Management

Attach Files to Email
Files can now be attached when sending emails through Merlin.

Health Care Plan

HCP Renewals
The Health Care Plan Renewals screen can now be exported as a CSV file.


Module License Management 
Licenses are now assigned/unassigned to users via the Administration > System > Users/License screen.

Standard Reports

Standard Report names and descriptions have been updated.

A full list of name changes can be found here.

If you are unable to locate a report, please check your report permissions via: Administration > System > Users > User/Reports

Stock Control

Batch Stock & Current Stock Levels
Changing Batch stock levels in the Stock Adjustment screen now automatically updates the current stock levels.

Stock Movement & Stock Level - Site Filter
The Stock Movement and Stock Level screens can now be filtered by Site.

Surgeon List

Disable Surgeon List 
A new setting has been introduced to change the behaviour of the Surgeon pop-up list. This can be accessed from the Administration > Settings > Treatment screen.
This setting allows you to:
1) Disable the prompt
2) Show After Treating
3) Show Before Treating

For more information on any of these new features, please see the Merlin Manual.


Improvements and Bug Fixes


Daylist run period (21885)
Daylists can now be run for a maximum 30 day period only. This is to protect the system from potential system performance issues.

Diary day view (20054)
Removed redundant time display view options from Diary day view.

Diary Appointments (21721)
Resolved an issue with adding repeat prescription appointment reasons.

Internal Messages

Send VetXML Lab Mail Notifications (20164)
Resolved an Issue with Internal messages not being received for notifying users of VetXML Lab results.


Idexx Interlink - Genders (20791)
Resolved an issue with checking patients into Idexx Interlink automatically stating the patient gender as male even though the patient is female.

Idexx Interlink - Refreshing (18010)
Resolved issue with Idexx interlink not showing and when screen is refreshed.

Login Screen

MWI rebrand (19490)
Replaced 'Vet Space' logo with 'MWI' logo.

Price List

Wildcard Search (21330)
Added wildcard search to description search.

Price formatting (20458)
Improved price formatting (now x.xx).


Client Notes formatting (21497)
The system now allows line breaks (new paragraphs) for Client Notes.

Client Notes - Firefox (21581)
Resolved an issue with Firefox displaying an error when displaying Client Notes.

Patient Summary Bar (21096)
Added town to patient summary bar.

Patient Details (21089)
Added cursor focus to Patient Name.

Reception (20489)
Removed Client Icon from Reception Search.

Charity Subsidy Categories (20657)
Renamed 'Deactivate/Activate Patient' to 'Deactivate/Activate Patient Subsidy'.

Charity Donations (21526)
Charity Mode - Resolved display issue with last donation made not displaying if a Client has an account category assigned.

Report Wizard

Code Description Filter (21722)
Resolved an issue filtering by code description in Report Wizard for codes with the same description.


Header and Footers (21562)
Improved Header and Footer formatting to allow for line breaks (paragraphs).

HCP Statements (21556)
Backdated HCP treatments now display on HCP Statements.

Stock Evaluation Report (21512)
Resolved issue with CSV export caused by item descriptions with special characters.

Debtors Export to CSV (19885)
Improvements to Button wording and CSV export columns for Debtors.

Reminders Export to CSV (19885)
Improvements to Button wording and CSV export columns for Patient Reminders.

HCP Reporting (19238)
HCP Reports date formatting now in UK format (dd/mm/yyy).


Not sending/receiving SmartFlow images (20922)
Resolved intermittent issues sending and receiving SmartFlow images.


Business Messages (21619, 20820, 20643, 19614)
Updated business messages throughout the system.

Libraries (21297)
Resolved an issue assigning breeds to certain species.

Security Pin (21115)
Removed Security Pin (Redundant functionality).
Administration Menu (20491)
Changed PACS icon for consistency.

Maintenance/Performance (21318, 18311, 16014, 14963, 14687)
General System Maintenance focusing around the following areas: Treatment, Reception, Payment Transactions, Payment Allocation, Code Entry, Diary, Health Care Plan, Stock Control, Report Wizard and Follow Up Appointments


Label Formatting (21988)
Resolved an issue with label auto-quantifying.

Wildcard Search (21493)
Added wildcard search to the code type search bar.

Composites (20974)
Composites are formatted using bold italics in the fast track search.

Clinical Notes (21378)
Improvements to short text functionality. Short text now has better text recognition intelligence.

Clinical Notes (20568)
Increased size of Clinical Note screen.

Label Formatting (18440)
Improvements to label formatting with regards to pack sizing.


ASN - Ordering Times (21773)
Added system notification with regards to placing ASN orders.

ASN - Last Order Date (21628)
Added the last order date to the ASN Dashboard Using the most recent date from view orders for the logged in site.

ASN - Import Orders (21213)
Removed the 'Import order' button from the View Orders tab for 'Centaur' (MWI Wholesale) when the ASN function is enabled.
This functionality is redundant as orders placed through Merlin, phone or through the MWI website are automatically imported into Merlin.

ASN - Duplicate Orders (20686)
Added a check when downloading ASN where the invoice number and invoice line already exists to add batch and/or expiry to the existing record rather than duplicate with a new entry.

Order Quantities (20604, 20603)
Do not allow quantity of 0 when adding a new order.