Release 2.3.62

May 2020


An 'Add Treatment' button has been added to the view history screen (accessed from the diary screen or daylist by right-clicking).
This will navigate the user to the add treatment screen for the selected patient.

Right-Click Options
The right-click options for the daylists and diary screens have been refined.
In the Diary screen you can now 'Set as Treated', 'Set as Paid' and 'View History'.
In the Full List and Waiting List you can now 'Edit Appointment' and 'Delete Appointment'.

Cut/Copy & Paste for unavailable slots Unavailable slots can now be copy/cut and pasted.



Copy PatientID
A Patient's PatientId can now be copied by right-clicking the patient in Reception.



Video Calling 
We have introduced the first phase of our integrated telemedicine functionality. This feature helps facilitate online consultations and check-ups.

Simply send a video call link via SMS or Email from the diary screen to your Clients. Your Clients can join the call with one click without having to login/register to any software. For more information, see the updated Merlin Manual.

If you would like to enable this module or discuss in further detail, please contact your regional Business Development Manager. 


Improvements and Bug Fixes


Return Money   (20649)
Returning Money for items with multiple discounts attached now displays as one transaction in Accounts.


Settings   (20605)
Ignore Consolidation Date for Documents' has been implemented. Enabling this setting allows you to override the close accounting period for modifying/deleting documents.

GUI Improvements

Cursor Focus   (14351)
Added Cursor Focus to the Edit Batch screen.

Client Communication   (19088)
Paging added to Client Communications tab.

Diary Columns   (19847)
Using the next button on the diary screen now displays the next set of columns by view order.

Daylists   (20064)
Changed formatting of waiting time on daylists for consistency.

Column Sorting   (20340)
Added Column Sorting to System, Devices, Printers library.

System Wide   (20328)
Business message wording has been updated throughout the system.


Renewals   (21036)
Resolved an issue with the write-off flag for already actioned Health Care Plans.

Easy Direct Debits   (21455)
Removed email as a mandatory field for creating an Easy Direct Debit subscription.


Treatment History   (20182)
Performance Improvements made for loading a Patient's Treatment history.

System Wide   (20736)
Performance Improvements made system wide to screens using Paging.

Client Additional Info   (20814)
Performance Improvements made to Client Additional Info tab in Reception.


Mobile Numbers   (20091)
Resolved an issue with the system saving Invalid Phone Numbers.


Insurance Companies   (20606)
All VetXML Insurance companies are now displayed when sending an insurance claim via VetXML.