Release 2.3.61

January 2020


Distinct Advantage

Functionality has been added to support MWI Distinct Advantage users.

When placing an order through the 'New Orders' screen, a star icon has been added next to items that are part of the MWI Distinct Advantage formulary.

In addition, this screen can be filtered using the 'Distinct Advantage' filter.

For more information see the Merlin user manual.

User Manual


The Merlin User Manual has been re-written with updated screenshots, content and 'cheat sheets'. The manual can be accessed from the help menu in Merlin.



General System maintenance to improve general system performance.


Improvements and Bugs Fixed


Documents   (20118)
Resolved an issue with document downloads not flagging as completed.


Settings   (19451)
Removed the 'Reset' button in Administration > Settings. This setting used to reset all settings/defaults for all sites. It has been removed as it can cause a large impact on users if selected by mistake. If you would like to reset your system settings, please contact who will be able to assist you with this process.

Libraries   (20689)
Administration > Documents > Document types 'Colour' column now displays with a colour rather than html code.


Write Offs   (19753)
The system now prompts for confirmation when booking an appointment for a Client whose account has been written off.


Returns   (20398, 20396)
Resolved an issue with returning singular items using ASN.

Clinical Notes

Short Text   (19762)
Improvements to Clinical note short text. Short text keywords were triggering when keyword was used as part of another word. For example: Keyword "ed" is short text for 'eligible discount'. When used in a sentence "tested" the system was updating to "testeligible discount".

Daily Sales

Average Invoice Value   (20632)
Average Invoice Value for Daily sales now excludes Discounts and Credits as they are not invoices. Calculation now matches the 'Average Transaction Value By Invoice' report.


GDPR   (19634)
Resolved issue with clearing Internal Messages as per GDPR settings.


Follow Up Appointments   (20030)
Resolved an issue with Follow Up Appointment side-panel not appearing from Full List on initial selection. This was occurring when Follow Up Appointment Setting was set to 'Enabled and Selected'.


Filters   (18980)
If 'ignore all/none' is ticked, the last setting is now remembered meaning you do not have to re-select the field.


In-Treatment Status   (20628)
Resolved issue with Patients In-treatment status remaining purple despite being set as treated.

Availability   (20419)
Prompt: 'Appointments exist for this availability. Do you wish to continue?' now only displays if availability slot contains an appointment.

Appointment Durations   (19485)
Resolved an issue with diary appointment durations changing when drag and dropping to columns with different durations.

Surgeons   (19464)
Removed the ability to create Surgeons with blank Surnames.

Appointments   (19311)
Resolved an issue with typing into appointment reason/notes fields when two users are accessing the same appointment.


Icons   (20596)
Borders have been removed from system icons to improve GUI.

Health Care Plan

Suspended Plans   (19948)
Updated information message to a user-friendly message when re-activating a suspended plan.

Internal Messaging

Line Breaks   (20595)
Resolved an issue with HTML displaying in Internal Messages when using line breaks.

Patient Reminders

Recall Paragraphs   (20764)
Recall Paragraph formatting issue with Microsoft Word templates resolved.

Profit Diagnostix

API   (20811)
Using " in Code Entry caused issues feeding information to Profit Diagnostix.


Bad Debtors   (20597)
Debtors 'D' icon not displaying when Client flagged as a bad debtor using account categories.


Item Date   (19379)
Resolved issue with items using appointment date and times when using setting 'Treat Date As Booking Date'. Only the date should be used to ensure clinical notes can appear before all saved treatments.

Treatment Area

Manual Treatment   (20633)
Resolved error message when trying to edit manual treatments (without prices) in the treatment history screen.


eClaims   (20592)
Account Discount items added to VetXML Insurance items. (Utilities > VetXML > Right-click > View item).


New Order Pack Sizes   (20787)
Pack size information not showing for items in Utilities >Wholesale > New Order screen.