Release 2.3.60

October 2019

New Features 

Client Detail Checker

User Specific

A User Role 'Client - Detail Checker' has been introduced to allow practices to assign this functionality to specific users. For more information on the Client Detail Checker, see the Merlin user manual.



Due to positive feedback since Speech-to-text was introduced in 2.3.52, we have expanded this functionality into the following areas: Client Notes, Patient Notes, Account Notes, Internal Messages, Send Text, Follow up Appointment memo and Memos. Areas where speech-to-text is available are marked with a small microphone icon. To use this functionality, simply select the icon and start talking into your microphone.

Health Care Plan

Direct Debit Integration - BETA

Create direct debit subscriptions for your clients, automate direct debit collection, automate plan suspensions based on missed payments, synchronise contact details, automated Internal message notifications and take one-off payments via direct debit.

For more information on Merlin's integration with EasyDirectDebits, please refer to the updated Merlin Manual.

If you are interested in using the integration, we are currently seeking customers for BETA testing. If this would be of interest, please contact your Business Development Manager. 

Health Care Plan


With the introduction of Direct Debit integration, we have also made changes to the following areas.

1) Health Care Plan Accounts

The layout of this screen has been revised to improve usability.

2) Health Care Plan Renewals

You are now able to auto-action multiple plans.

3) Health Care Plan Reporting

New Standard reports have been added and enhanced Health Care Plans reports screen.

4) Daily Cash & Daily Sales 

Added Direct Debits column.

Internal Messaging

Set Unread 

Internal Messages can now be set as unread. Setting a message as unread, sets the message as bold and is not marked as read until re-selected.

Payments Screen

User Interface

In 2.3.58 we added a system setting (Administration > Settings > Accounts) called 'Payment action navigates to Accounts' which enforces the workflow of payment allocation. Since this change we have seen a large increase in use of the Accounts > Payments screen. We have therefore made the following improvements to this screen:

1) Ability to open the till from this screen.

2) Added an insurance column to the allocation section. Once an invoice has been selected and the items are displayed, an 'Insurance Column' displays populated with insurance information.

Stock Control


The following stock control screens can now be searched by code description and code number: Stock Variance, Stock Evaluation and Stock Transfer.


Print selected History

Users can now Print or Email selected transactions from the Treatment History screen. This allows you to share selected information from an animal's treatment history.



Introduced search functionality to VetXML Chip, Claim and Lab screens.


Improvements and Bugs Fixed


Usability   (19023)
Payment Screen icons reviewed to improve consistency of Icons within the system.


API Client Registrations   (19857)
Resolved issue with API incorrectly importing clients with the @ symbol.

Daily Cash

Notes Column   (19471)
Notes added in the payments screen now display in the Daily Cash notes column.

Start from last Run   (19472)
Selecting 'Start from last run' in daily cash now presents you with the exact date and time that you selected the button rather than the last time cashing up took place.


Performance   (19249)
Improved performance of Summary Statements report.

Usability   (18477)
Removed ability to tick Insurance checkbox in Debtors as it had no functional purpose.


Availability   (18925)
Resolved an issue with copy availability screen retaining the 'Last week begins' as the current date.

Usability   (18505)
Removed 'Available to Internet' and 'Show Online' from the diary availability screen as these features had no functional purpose. 

Error deleting appointments   (20008)
Resolved an issue with deleting appointments caused by setting 'Ignore Consolidation Date for Documents'.

Global Price Update

Stock Items set to All   (19433)
Resolved an issue with not being able to run a global price update with Stock Items field being set to 'All'.

Health Care Plan

Usability   (18238)
Removed the 'Added to Plan' prompt after joining a health care plan.


Abaxis   (19444)
Abaxis integration now works via USB connection.

Login Screen

Usability   (12601)
Cursor focus is now placed in the username field.


Usability   (18990)
Cursor is now placed in payment methods field

Price List

Usability   (18239)
Cursor focus is now placed in the description field.


Summary Bar   (19139)
Description field of Client Category library is now used for Reception both Client and Patient summary bar rather than name field.

Client Communications   (15601)
The communications screen now shows the icon of the communication channel used.


Usability   (15328)
Removed 'Ignore Don't Send Letter flag' from the List Patient Reminders screen as this feature had no functional purpose.


Usability   (18424)
Renamed system setting 'Default Treatment Area' to 'Default Clinical Code' to improve consistency of wording within the system.

System Navigation

Usability   (15603)
The Internal Messages button has now moved to the left of the Reception Button. All day lists are now grouped together.

System Tabs

Usability   (15600)
Red tabs are only used for items that require the user's attention. For example, if data consent has expired, the tab will appear in red. Blue tabs indicate a tab contains information, for example, the client's communication tab will be blue if any communications are present.


Usability   (19235)
Created a user-friendly message for barcode errors.