Release 2.3.59

July 2019

New Features


Colour Coding :: The buttons in accounts are now colour coded to match the records within the grid.


Library Update :: Clinical Codes can now be deprecated, this will not affect existing treatments but will not show deprecated clinical codes for selection during treatment.


Reminder Reinitialisation :: When using this functionality, reminders which have expired over 6 months ago are no longer changed. Only reminders overdue less than 6 months or due in the future will have the settings changed.


API Changes :: Reminder Service - Get Treatment History
Now includes Parent Treatment Id for Discount records
Now indicates if the treatment was treated as part of a Healthcare Plan.
Now includes the Net and VAT of the treatment.

Clinical Portal – Get Appointments
Now includes the Live Appointment Status.


Copy Availability :: The copy availability window will now open at the position of the current week.


Merge Fields :: Estimate Value merge field has been removed from the list of merge fields for consent forms. This field has no function or data available, you will need to remove this merge field from templates if previously added.


File Watcher :: Hyperion can now be configured to upload documents to the Merlin PMS and be stored directly on the patient’s clinical record. Files saved in the Hyperion PC must be saved with the patient id, a space then the file description e.g. “123456 Description.pdf”

Internal Messaging

Print Message :: Printing a message will now open directly to the browsers print preview.


Visbion :: Visbion Cloud can now be added to the PACs settings to allow opening of a patients Imaging stored on the Visbion Cloud system.


Data Consent :: The communication preference for Contractual is now shown with a green tick image to reduce confusion. Contractual cannot be unselected.

Other improvements include larger header to show the full icon and fixed text position of the communication type.


User’s Names are no longer unique :: It is now possible to add multiple users with the same name to the system, the same applies to surgeons where the username (login credential) is used to identify the person further.

This change will affect reports which include surgeon names for any new recorded history therefore some reports which overlap the period including the upgrade may see duplicate surgeons on the reports.

Surgeons and Users’ Names (first and surname) will now contain the username used during login in brackets.


Security Roles Added :: Library – Account Categories
Library – Messaging Maintenance
Kennel Settings


Security Roles removed due to no function. :: Health Care Reports – Create Picking List
Security – Edit Bank Details
Security Maintenance – PIN
Wholesale - Branch Transfer
Treatment – Share Between Clients
Treatment - Add To Multiple Patient
Security - Unlock & Close Voyager
Security - Validate User
Accounts - Edit Invoice Print
Composites - Main Only
Patient - Weight Edit
Security - Auto logoff users
Patient - Weight Delete All
Treatment - History – Edit
Treatment - Draft – Edit
System Maintenance - Defaults - Disallow Order


Security Roles Renamed :: "Accounts - Setting Consolidation date" to "Accounts - Setting Close Accounting Period"
"System Maintenance - Recall Types" to "System Maintenance - Reminder Types"
"System Maintenance - Predictive Text" to "System Maintenance - Short Text"
"System Maintenance - Defaults" to "System Maintenance - Settings"
"System Maintenance - Defaults - Reset Defaults" to "System Maintenance - Settings - Reset"
"Wholesale - Zero Stock Levels" to "Stock Control - Zero Stock Levels"
"Wholesale - Batch Edit" to "Stock Control - Batch Edit"
"Treatment-Edit Label" to "Treatment - Edit Label"
"Patient - Recall - Add" to "Patient - Patient Reminder - Add"
"Patient - Recall - Delete" to "Patient - Patient Reminder - Delete"
"Patient - Recall - Reactivate" to "Patient - Patient Reminder - Reactivate"
"Code Entry - Edit Code Stock Levels" to "Stock Control - Edit Code Stock Levels"
'Health Care Treatment - End Plan' to “Health Care - End Plan”


Healthcare Plan :: The HCP Tab in the treatment screen has been rearranged to better readability for large plans.


Improvements and Bugs Fixed


Payment Method   (18919)
Payment method is pre-populated, this is now showing blank to assist with correct selection before saving.

Advanced search

Invoice Search   (17662)
Invoice Search no longer automatically does a wildcard search, entering an invoice number now will return the only client with that invoice number. If you wish to search on invoices starting with a range you must add the % wildcard to the end. E.g. 1234%


Breed Names   (19095)
Reminder API patient reminders truncating data

Code Entry

Grid View   (17777)
The top line is editable when it should be read only.

Grid View   (18998)
CSV exported code grid view showing zero stock

Price Deviation   (19040)
Price Deviation not allowed to be more than 100%


Merge Field Removal   (17736)
The merge field "Estimate Value" has been removed from the list of merge fields as is no function related to this field. Please update your downloaded merge fields.


Ignore All   (16325)
Ignore all is unticked after processing first action

Chase Up Letter   (18772)
Merlin-Debtors>Chase Up Letter wont generate if payment taken on same day


Display in Diary   (18480)
Set Surgeon to display in Diary for one site replicates to other sites

Follow Up Appointment

Prompt showing when appointment not treated   (18157)
End appointment flow is generating when selecting 'No' to the set as treated prompt.

Health Care Plan

Join a Plan   (18348)
Not loading HCP accounts after adding a patient to a plan.

Internal Messaging

Folder Names   (18063)
Folder names in internal messaging are showing the wrong formatting.


Unable to Delete   (18013)
Unable to delete wards in Kennels even when they have never been used.


Idexx Interlink   (18160)
The IVLS equipment is not being displayed within the available equipment.

Patient Summary

Colour Text   (18831)
Conditions Text not appearing in Red / Notes in Blue

Price List

Export to CSV   (19091)
Exporting non-stock items from price list as CSV, includes all stock


Client Documents   (19089)
Client documents tab is limited to 100

Report Wizard

Export to CSV   (18827)
Text not aligning to columns when creating CSV with manual treatment added

Special Characters   (18879)
unable to search for special characters in client surname field within report wizard


Daily Cash   (18363)
The daily cash reports are not grouping by payment method.

Health Care Plan   (18148)
The clients name in the footer of the HCP accounts statement is overlapping with long names.

Debtors - Please wait   (18031)
Visual indicator has been added when generating statements and invoices from the debtors screen.


User not visible in security   (18462)
It is not possible to view your own user in security.

Smart Flow

Document Names   (19075)
The document names were not human friendly.


Performance   (18272)
Some conflicts caused by clearing the draft history have been resolved.

Send To   (17943)
Send to appointment window is not showing special surgeon such as Hospital and Operations.

Client Notes   (18028)
Client Notes in Treatment Screen is not in a read only state.

End Date   (18942)
Print history end date is collecting tomorrows date

In Treatment Status   (18080)
The in treatment status is now cleared if the user just closes the browser.


Order Saved Incorrectly   (18165)
Intermittently an order is saved on the wrong Supplier when the same supplier codes are used on both.

Order 0 Qty   (18864)
Wholesale new order accepts zero quantity orders