Release 2.3.58

April 2019

Destock Diversion

New Feature :: This new feature allows you to manage your stock effectively when 2 sites within Merlin are located within 1 physical location.

Payment Button and Email/Print History with Archive

New Feature :: The payment button can now be configured to take you to the accounts payments screen.

The Archive History can now be included when printing the live clinical history.

Region Visibility

New Configuration :: This new configuration allows greater flexibility in the setup of the Merlin system for your practice.
Contact your BDM to discuss consultation options.


Improvements and Bugs Fixed


Receipts   (16265)
Usernames have been removed from payment receipts

Code Entry

Prevent Hide   (17778)
The option to prevent hide is not available after the first creation of the code.


Period Lengths   (18073)
Amending any of the "From Dates" in Debtors is calculating the number of days incorrectly.

Performance   (17095)
Printing invoices or multi invoices takes a long time.

Document Management

Upload File with Brackets   (15958)
The file name is now sanitised to remove special characters such as brackets when uploading.

Prescription Templates   (17015)
Patient age has been added to the prescription template merge fields

Eligibility Date Merge Field   (16632)
For Charity Mode customers, the Eligibility Date is now available as a merge field.


Special Characters   (17443)
Email from Merlin Subject Line ':' sent email comes back with :

Health Care Plan

Clinical History   (18067)
HCP colouring is not applying within History.


Client Category Colour   (16529)
Charity Flags in Additional Info tab in reception were incorrectly changing the colour in reception.

Empty Title   (16187)
An empty title is causing nulls to be shown on the interface (including comms, labels, summary bars etc)

Report Wizard

CSV Export   (16045)
Where a comma exists within data, this is causing breakage of data structure. Text Qualifiers have been added to the CSV Output.


Faulty Report   (16992)
Consultation Net Sales Statistics report returns no data

Invoice Error   (16730)
Error Saving Printed Date for Invoice


New Roles added.   (17942)
The following roles have been added to the system:
1. Code Entry - Edit Code Send To information
2. Code Entry - Edit Code Treatment Options.
3. Download Scheduled - Job
4. Health Plan Treatment Group - Add
5. Health Plan Treatment Group - Delete
6. Health Plan Treatment Group - Edit
7. Health Care - Delete
8. Security - Edit Postcode Areas
9. Security - Edit Report Mapping
10. Stock Centre Setup
11. Stock Control - Access
12. Stock Control - Adjustment
13. Stock Control - Evaluation
14. Stock Control - Level
15. Stock Control - Movement
16. Stock Control - Transfer
17. Stock Control - Variance
18. Treatment - Transfer

New Users   (17272)
The new user wizard no longer auto assigns all reports to the user.


Batches   (17873)
Batches for separate sites are being listed


Patient Summary   (17998)
Cancelled appointments show in the 'Next Appointment' field in the summary pane

Document Colours   (17280)
Document colour is not used for treatment documents or attach file documents.


New Order   (17977)
Navigating away from the New Order tab without saving is prompting to save the order but is not functioning when Confirming.

Error Saving Batch   (16731)
An error occuring when saving a batch with an invalid date.