Release 2.3.57

January 2019


Reliability :: We have made changes to the architecture of Merlin to allow us to continue to improve the reliability and stability of Merlin. Further changes during scheduled maintenance are required.

Report Wizard

New Filters :: 3 additional filters have been added to the Report Wizard to assist finding clients based on the Last Detail Check date, the date of consent expiry and the date a client record was purged.


Improvements and Bugs Fixed


Selected Transactions   (15587)
The 'Selected Transaction Statement' is not printing all of the selected transactions

Client Purge Tool

Contact Id   (15469)
Unable to expand the ContactID column in the Client Purge Tool which blocks viewing large numbers.


Emailing   (16318)
Error occurred when sending email with a space at the end of an email address.


Right Click White Space   (16686)
Activating the right click menu at the bottom of the diary module is generating white space at the bottom of the screen.

In-Treatment Status   (16679)
Set in treatment does not work when saving items from estimates or after the addition of a clinical note


Consent Custom Merge Fields   (16702)
Using a large number of custom merge fields for word templates is not showing all available fields when prompted.

Health Care Plan

Payment Import   (16841)
Error during processing is stopping the import of direct debit payments.

Available Sites   (15584)
Adding a new plan at branch sites does not automatically add the plan to all sites

Internal Messaging

Reply   (16692)
In some scenarios replying to a message does not allow a reply to be typed.


Contractual Communication   (16786)
In some scenarios client are being created without contractual Communication preference records

Report Wizard

Purge Filters   (16828)
Purge Date, De-Activated Clients & Purged Clients filters do not function within the Report Wizard

Date Format   (16427)
Date fields are exporting incorrectly from Report Wizard

Communication Type   (16191)
Report wizard could not export when communication types contained commas.

Sending SMS   (15521)
Choosing to send 1 SMS per client from Report Wziard when the Sold/Re-homed is set to no, includes those patients in the text message.


Filter Error   (16807)
Using the client filter for the report 'Income Fees, Drugs & Others By Treatment Type- Summary' returns no data, despite the data being present when setting the client filter to all

Charity Payment Report   (16804)
Charity payments report only functions when one charity pays another charity

Month End   (16694)
Month End Surgeon Summary not grouping surgeons by patient category


Add User   (16772)
Add User with Add as Surgeon unselected checks for duplicate Surgeons and stops user creation.


Change Treatment Date   (16634)
Unable to amend treatment date to today's date for historical treatments

Add to Existing Invoice   (13038)
Unable to add discounts to an existing invoice when using the Add to Existing Invoice option in treatment.