Release 2.3.56

December 2018

Patient Reminders

CSV Export: Communication preferences have now been included in the CSV export.


Prospect Clients: New functionality to support online appointments has been added. A new Client Category called Prospect has restricted functionality until fully registered.

Reception, Diary and Code Entry

Deactivate: The term delete has been changed to deactivate where the action does not permanently remove data.

Report Wizard

CSV Export: Communication preferences have now been included in the CSV export.


Improvements and Bugs Fixed


Assign User   (16150)
Unable to set the assigned user for a surgeon to. It resets to the original option.

Error   (16021)
Adding a diary note, followed by an appointment for a specialist surgeon, is causing an incorrect alert to occur.

Save Appointment   (15271)
'Bookings overlap, please change the appointment duration' message stops save functionality.


Document Management

Edit Google Document   (16280)
Editing a google document several days later is incorrectly prompting for login credentials.



Uppercase email addresses   (16275)
The system is incorrectly not sending emails to valid email addresses with uppercase characters.

Lab Integration

Idexx Interlink   (16228)
The list of lab tests is not populating from the IVLS machine.


Price List

Whole Pack   (15205)
If "as whole pack" price has mark up in code entry, it is not reflected on the price list.



Report Wizard   (16466)
The performance of the report wizard has dropped since the introduction of GDPR communication preferences.


Stock Control

Edit Stock   (16196)
In some scenarios editing the quantity of stock is showing an error.



Column sorting   (16226)
Treatment screens that allow column sorting are showing errors when attempting to sort.

Last Visit Date   (15629)
Last visited date is not updated by treatments when the setting is set to Treatment Only or Either

Set as Treated   (15236)
Prompt to set as treated appears when Treating, even if the patient is set as treated

Hide Patient Summary   (15026)
'Hide Patient Summary' within client categories does not hide the summary within the treatment module



Tote Scan   (16084)
"Tote scan All" is not receiving items correctly, whether they are in code entry or not.

Order Status   (15980)
Order status incorrectly changing to part received.