Release 2.3.55

November 2018

Feature Changes

This release contains the following feature changes which will be covered in more detail in sections below: 1) Client Purge Tool  2) Advance Shipping Note from Centaur Wholesale

Client Purge Tool

Full and Partial Purge 
Merlin now has the capability to bulk remove Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from the system.

Advance Shipping Note (ASN)

ASN Integration with Centaur 
New functionality will be enabled for customers wishing to take part as a beta test user of our new ASN functionality for managing arriving stock and outstanding order visability. This new functionality removes the requirement to use Tote barcode scans to receive your orders and allows arrival into different stock centres.

If you are interested in taking part in the beta test of the ASN integration for Centaur orders please contact support for the attention of the Product Management Department.

This functionality will turned on after the beta test for all customers when using Centaur.


Known Issues

We are currently delayed with releases of Merlin and plan to be back on schedule by mid-November.


Improvements and Bugs Fixed


Send Email   (15702) 
Client Communications is not be recorded for sent emails if the sending process has failed during the bulk process.


Refresh   (15320) 
Colours by breed is not refreshing upon selection


Advanced Search   (15983) 
Advanced search by invoice/item date is not functioning. It returns all records regardless of filter
Opt-In   (15937) 
Opt In for communication types is no longer functioning
Data Consent Colour   (15444) 
Consent tab turns red when client is modified


Recall Paragraphs   (15152) 
The Merge fields for Recall Paragraphs are not populated with data when using a Word Template.

Stock Control

Stock Movement   (15951) 
Zeroing stock hides all stock movement data for the zeroed codes.


Error Viewing Archive   (16011) 
An error occurred which caused the archive history to not be viewable.
Dispensing Fees   (15259) 
Multi dispensing fees are not listed alphabetically when treating
Appointments   (15206) 
Error saving treatment to draft with invalid appointment error when appointment was deleted.


Scheduled Price Import   (15992) 
Scheduled price imports are scheduling the import an hour before the set time
Update order   (15959) 
Order status Part Received stops items from being updated in an order.