Release 2.3.54 

October 2018

Feature Changes

This release contains the following feature changes which will be covered in more detail in the sections below: 1) Abaxis Fuse Integration  2) VetHub Integration (PLH Medical)  3) Advance Shipping Note from Centaur Services

Abaxis Fuse Integration

How to Use The Abaxis Fuse Integration 
Merlin is now integrated with the Abaxis VetScan Fuse internal lab equipment, click the button below to download a PDF for how to use this integration.

VetHub PACS Integration

How to Use The VetHub Integration 
Merlin now has Smart Link integration with the VetHub system, this allows you to open the PACS web interface directly from Merlin showing all studies for the selected patient.

Advance Shipping Note (ASN)

ASN Integration with Centaur 
New functionality will be enabled for customers wishing to take part as a beta test user of our new ASN functionality for managing arriving stock and outstanding order visability. This new functionality removes the requirement to use Tote barcode scans to receive your orders and allows arrival into different stock centres.
If you are interested in taking part in the beta test of the ASN integration for Centaur orders please contact support for the attention of the Product Management Department.
This functionality will turned on after the beta test for all customers when using Centaur.


Known Issues

We are currently delayed with releases of Merlin and plan to be back on schedule by mid-November.


Improvements and Bugs Fixed


Swift Treatments   (14400) 
Batch stock was destocking from the wrong location.

Daily Sales

Average Invoice Value   (10977) 
Average Invoice Value is being amended by credits & discounts


Payments   (15665) 
Balance is not collected within the payments window for Daylists


Emails Not Sending   (15695) 
Emails are not sent to clients with “statements only” selected when multi-invoice chosen during the sending process in debtors.

Last Payment   (15605) 
Last Payment is showing a random value if the payment date for a contact is duplicated

Follow Up Appointment

Reason Reset   (14704) 
Clicking enter within the ‘at site’ field within the end appointment window, causes the reason to reset to the original

Patient Reminders

Merge Fields   (14915) 
AllAnimals merge field within patient reminders when emailed displays as net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.ClobImpl@217242d2


Labels   (15651) 
In some scenarios label and receipt printing is not working.


Preferences   (14992) 
Communication Preferences not being cleared when selecting a client with no preferences.

Purge Exception   (14907) 
Purge exception entry can be stored without an expiration date

Purge Exception   (14905) 
Inactive purge exception reasons are listed within data consent

Data Consent Tab Colour   (14566) 
Data consent expiring on the current date displays red, suggesting that the consent has expired, even though it has not

Mobile Number   (13480) 
Mobile Phone Number “” is invalid. Please enter a valid Mobile Phone Number when mandatory mobile is turned off.


Waiting Time   (15531) 
Appointment IntreatmentDate field is not updating therefore data is not available for reports.

Health Care Plan   (15085) 
Health Care Sales by Client – Detailed not generating

Print Order   (14947) 
Printing within an order causes ‘The Request failed’ window to show.

Report Wizard   (14662) 
Settings “Euthanasia” to Yes within report wizard is sending text for the active patients not just Euthanised.

Health Care Plan   (14560) 
Health Care Sales by Client & Health Care Sales by Client – Detailed do not respond to the work site filter


Health Care Plan   (13815) 
When a Health Care Plan treatments discount is deleted, the background colour remained for the main treatment .