Release 2.3.53

August 2018

Feature Changes

This release contains the following feature changes which will be covered in more detail in sections below: 
1) Enhanced Communication Preferences.

Following feedback with the recent change to use the Google Editor instead of direct to PDF we have made the change to not automatically convert and open the Template with the editor. Templates from word files will now open directly in PDF. If you wish to edit the document with the Google Editor you can do so by right-clicking the document in reception or history and selecting Edit Document.

Note: Editing the document will convert the document into the Google format. This may cause some formatting differences.


API Changes
To allow for the changes to the communication preferences within the main application, the API is also changing to reflect the expanded and dynamic model now available.



Communication Types and Channels (14364)
Communication Type and Channel libraries added to the PMS for practices to individualise. 


PMS wide

Client Communication Types and GDPR (14365)
Communication Type options added to the PMS in all screens communications can be sent from.


Soft deleted clients (14969)
Introduction of the ability to reactivate soft deleted clients.

Client details checker form (14479)
The client details checker form has been updated to include GDPR related changes.

Client communication and GDPR (14393)
Communication Types and Channels added to the PMS to assist in GDPR compliance.

Data Consent tab (14361)
Data Consent tab and workflow added for ease of storing and recording client preferences.

Client Details Checker and Data Consent (14288)
The Client Details Checker prompt now includes a prompt to update Data Consent for the client.

Client and Patient filters (14249)
The option to filter by last modified date for both Client and Patient are now available

Town Library (14088)
The Town Library now loads more efficiently.



Users (13905)
Changes have been made to Activating and Deactivating a user



Smartflow document imports (13882)
Improvements have been made to documents imported from Smartflow.


Treatment Screen

Draft items (14357)
Tab and arrow keys now allow the user to select draft item behaviour from dropdown when navigating away from the Treatment Screen.




Improvements and Bugs Fixed


Editing and adding items in regards to Consolidation date (14690).
Consolidation date won’t allow editing or adding of treatment items.

Printing multi-animal invoice/statement (10610).
Exception occurs when printing multi-animal invoice/statement when there is no current date data within the grid.


Client Documents
Erroring document (14215) 
Error when generating a charity document.


Code Entry
Barcode deletion (14717)
Barcode was deleted when sorting by column in Code Entry.


Audit (14959)
Error deleting data in error logs.

Performance issue (14697)
Slowed performance between Merlin builds 50 and 51.

Jupiter user (14317)
Jupiter user issue.

Reconciliation checker (14251)
Reconciliation checker issue.



Run Date error (14924) 
Run Date’ within Debtors module set to run date within the current period.

Report failure (14601) 
Debtors report for charity clients failing.

Debtors available merge fields (12916) 
Email debtors merge field <> & <> do not display at all when the document is uploaded via Aspose or via TinyMCE.


Appointment bookings (14692) 
Appointment bookings not saving.

Appointment lengths (13125) 
Appointments can be entered into the final diary slot with a duration exceeding the slot.

Paste functionality (12999) 
The ability to paste is constantly active.

Moving an appointment across split availability (12074) 
Dragging/cutting an extended duration appointment to the last cell between split availability does not prompt to modify duration.

Email Module

Email sending (12082)
Emails not sending for daylists


Health Care Plan

Health Care Plan Payments (15125)
Email not sending.


Hospital List

Hospital list not populating (14694) 
When attempting to print the Hospital List, entries are not populating

Hospital appointment arrivals (14486) 
User is unable to set a hospital appointment as arrived unless appointment is created for same day.


Error adding clients (14942) 
Error message presented when trying to save clients into the database.

GDPR Right to Access report/Details Checker document (14793) 
Right to Access report/Details Checker document modifed to handle dynamic channels.

Last visited date (14546) 
Last visited date is not updated with appointment date when the setting Last visit defined by is set to Either.

Saving patient notes (14344) 
Patient note saving in Details tab but not within Patient Summary panel.


Operation report totals (14585) 
Operations report totals not populating.

Sales by surgeon average value (14584) 
Report calculating total value rather than an average.

Treatment type summary report (14580) 
Report run by invoice date by insurance very slow to generate.

Sales by surgeon report (14491) 
Sales by surgeon report not filtering by site.

Average sales by surgeon report (14222) 
Incorrect average sales by surgeon value generated.

SMS Module

SMS template (14200) 
Reminder template does not display the full body of SMS message.

Stock Control

Batch transfers (13538) 
Stock transfer of more than 10 batches causes an exception to occur.

Treatment Screen

Estimate pricing (14788) 
Creating draft from estimate using latest prices is creating record with an incorrect price.

Adding treatment via barcodes (14664) 
Treatment added via barcode will not save to patient file.

Euthanasia alert (14604) 
Euthanasia alert not sending when euthanising a patient.

Clinical speech to text issue (14469) 
Clinical speech to text instant save displays an error.

Clinical speech to text duplication (14467) 
Clinical speech to text adds data into different fields & deletion re-adds data.

Delete key not functioning (14331) 

Delete key not functioning after exiting a separate treatment window.


Password reset (14718) 
Unable to reset user password.

Updating user details (14619) 
Error updating user details.


VetXML polling settings (14883) 
VetXML polling setting not working automatically and required manually adding to database.

Lab results (14691) 
Error displayed when opening lab results obtained via VetXML.


Global Price Update (14975) 
Screen unlocked during Global Price Update allowing user to inadvertently click again.

Batch download duplications (14391) 
Batch download duplicating stock.

Auto-add code duplication (14256) 
When auto-adding an item for which 2 supplier codes exist, the auto-add duplicates the ordered code.

Batch numbers not appearing in Swift (14104) 
Batch numbers are not being transferred to the Swift app.