Release 2.3.52

July 2018

Feature Changes

1) Keyboard Shortcuts and Usability Features  2) Internal Messaging Usability Changes  3) GDPR Additions  4) Navigation Improvements  5) Printing the Weight Chart  6) Speech to Text for Clinical Notes

Keyboard Shortcuts

Changes have been made to the system to allow easier and quicker treatment by using the keyboard, the document below provides full details.
Future releases will start to bring further usability changes such as these across the system. 

GDPR Additions

Client Detail Checker Prompt

An extra navigation option from the client detail checker will now navigate you directly to the data consent tab.

Right-to-Access Report

A new report for “Right to Access” provides an quick way to gather all information about the client when they request it.

Report Wizard Export

The report Wizard will now automatically exclude PII (Personally Identifiable Information) a tick box will control if you want to include this is your extract.

Data Consent Colours

The data consent tab will now change colour depending on the consent status.


2 new reports for managing your data consent, these reports will help identify clients with no consent and expiring consent.

Internal Messaging Usability Changes

We have included some small changes to the internal messaging to make usability easier and flexible.

Navigation Improvements

We have changed the navigation options to organise them correctly into Utilities and Administrations. Non-clinical functions have been removed from the main navigation bar and are available within the menu bars.

Printing the Weight Chart

It is now possible to print the weight chart for a patient; after some recent changes to how these are created within Merlin we have been able to make this available.

Speech-to-text Voice Recognition

If using Merlin on the Chrome browser, you will now see an option to use the built in Speech to Text voice recognition. We will be interested in your feedback on usage of this feature and if you would like to expand this to all free-text fields in the PMS.


Improvements and Bugs Fixed


Accounting Period date   (14690)
Accounting Period Date is Inclusive for Editing but Exclusive for Adding Items

Code Entry

Healthplan Treatment Groups   (13983)
Healthplan Treatment Groups without a stored description are not showing within Code Entry

Price deviation   (13764)
Items with price deviation display the incorrect price within Composites

Daily Sales

Outstanding daily debt   (13101)
Printing outstanding daily debt for a large date range fails to generate the relevant data


Show discharged   (14239)
Show discharged hospital appointments is generating an exception

Weight enter key   (14193)
Using the Enter key within the add weight window is adding the record twice

Daylist Navigation   (14076)
Navigation between daylists is experiencing a performance issue


Statement totals from debtors   (14165)
An error occurs when emailing statement totals from debtors

Merge fields <> & <>   (12916)
Email debtors merge field <> & <> do not display at all when the document is uploaded via Aspose or via TinyMCE


Operations default duration   (13966)
Operations timeslots are displaying as 10, despite the default value being set to 5

Next   (13964)
Selecting next within Diary cycles through the surgeons one by one, rather than block by block

Diary Refresh   (13305)
Diary refresh sends surgeon columns to the top, rather than keeping current time position

Availability time   (13304)
Typing within the availability time slots fields too quickly amends the value incorrectly

Document Management

Attaching documents   (13950)
An exception occurs when attaching documents to a patients history

Health Care Plan

Renew to plan   (14143)
Set auto action within HCP renewals is losing the selected renew to plan

Auto action within HCP renewals   (14117)
Auto action within HCP renewals generates an exception

Permission Health Care Accounts Return Money   (14115)
Removing the permission Health Care Accounts Return Money does not restrict the action

Hospital List

Empty hospital list report   (14296)
Empty hospital list report is printed when there are records in the grid

Labs Internal

VetXml Lab Result Report   (14691)
Error when opening a VETXML Lab Report


Always Show in Summary   (13853)
Always show in summary within the reminder types library cannot be ticked/unticked


SMS report wizard   (14145)
Sending SMS from Report Wizard is including euthanised patients


Net + VAT = Total   (14141)
A net + VAT = Total exception is occurring for specific payments


Client Notes   (14394)
Client Notes Lock Down functionality removed but the wording remains

Preferred surgeon drop-down   (14247)
The preferred surgeon drop-down list within patient details is not collecting all of the relevant surgeons

Reception Navigation   (14086)
Navigation to the Reception Module is experiencing a performance issue

Show Deleted   (14038)
Ticking show deleted removes search results whilst using the site & category filters

Animal ID   (13740)
Search for animal id within reception but adding a string value causes an exception to occur


TreatmentType Summary ByInvoiceDate By Insurance   (14580)
Running the report ‘TreatmentType Summary By InvoiceDate’ & ticking By Insurance is timing out

Active Patients/Clients By Region – Summary Report   (14300)
Active Patients/Clients By Region – Summary Report generates an exception

Stock Control

Assigning the client within stock movement   (14246)
Deleting stock items from pre-invoice is not including the relevant client within the stock movement tab


Notes & conditions   (14240)
Patient notes & conditions added via the LHS summary panel are not updating the relevant patient correctly

Lab Request Sorting   (14079)
Sorting does not function for the Idexx interlink lab requests within a patients history

Pre-invoice printing   (14040)
Pre-invoice printing causes an exception to occur

View lab results   (13881)
Unable to view lab results once they have been manually created

The setting ‘Allow Multiple Discounts Per Item’   (13859)
The setting ‘Allow Multiple Discounts Per Item’ is ignored when unticked if treating with the same composite

Batch traceability X   (13434)
Selecting the X to close the batch traceability window causes a loading issue within the draft tab

Print History Attached Documents   (13428)
Print History is not including attached documents when applying a specific start date


Auto add within an order   (14256)
Auto add duplicates order items when a supplier code exists for more than one code

New order drop-down   (14142)
New order fields collapse when navigating between tabs

Account Number   (13606)
Account number alert added ‘cannot be changed’