Release 2.3.51

June 2018

Feature Changes

This release does not include any feature changes affecting user actions.
There are architectural changes to Merlin as part of our continued dedication to improve performance, reliability and security. 

Improvements and Bugs Fixed


Refund Error   (13955) 
An unhandled error for some scenarios when doing a refund.

Work Site   (13212) 
Monetary discounts/credits and surcharges are applying to a different site. 

Code Entry

Composites   (13764) 

Items with price deviation show the wrong price in Composites within Code Entry.

Delete Barcode   (13541) 
Barcodes are unable to be deleted, re-opening barcodes shows the previously deleted barcodes.


Refresh   (13305) 
Diary refresh sends surgeon columns to the top, rather than keeping current time position

Availability   (13304) 
Typing availability time quickly adjusts the entered value, i.e. 08:30 changes to 08:00


Confirm Save Client   (13629) 
Closing the confirm window for GDPR stops the save process for the client.


Show Deleted   (14038) 
Ticking show deleted removes search results when using the site & category filters

Search for Animal   (13740) 
Search for animal id in reception but type a string value. An unhandled error is shown.


Scheduler   (13293) 
Work site filter should not contain the ALL sites option, Work site is used to determine which settings for SMS and email is used. 

Stock Control

Barcode Scanning   (12562) 
Stock transfer use barcode reader does not work with paging


Patient Notes   (14240) 
Notes & conditions added via the LHS summary are not stored/are deleted.

Batch Traceability   (13434) 
Selecting the X to close the batch traceability window causes a loading issue for the draft tab

Print History   (13428) 
Print History not including attached Documents when given specific Start Date

Follow Up Appointment   (13296) 
Follow up appointment no longer works if you change it’s default.


Abandon Order Item   (13883) 
Abandoning items within an order, when the rest had been received is keeping the status as part received, when it should be fully received