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Client connection

Owner engagement tools designed to grow loyalty, retention and compliance through a deeper connection

We all know communication is key to a positive relationship.

Increasing contact in a meaningful way with your clients helps them to feel bonded to your practice, encouraging repeat visits and following the professional advice you give. 

The flexible, easy to use tools coupled with Merlin give you a practical and efficient way to increase the contact you have with your clients. Saving you time, while you deepen your connection. 

Owner engagement tools

SMS Digital Assistant

Hold a two-way conversation with your client without lifting a finger.

Using this adaptable application, you can create bespoke, repeatable conversations. From a car park check-in to a post-op follow up, you can be in conversation with your client, while caring for another.

Customer Surveys

Understand what your customers really think with simple and effective surveys.

The module allows you to send surveys via SMS or email, to maximise the feedback opportunities.

Online Appointment Booking

70% of pet owners prefer to book appointments online.

With a selection of providers, the Online Appointment Booking facility gives your customers the service they want, while reducing phone calls to your busy reception team. 

Email and SMS Reminders

This customisable solution can support your practice with everything from appointment reminders to disease awareness.

Designed to improve owner compliance and reduce lost revenues for your practice, the module has full reporting capability.

Instant Messaging

Coming soon

Pet owners feel in constant contact with your practice when using this application.

Save time communicating with your clients while reinforcing a positive relationship. 

Home Pharmacy

Coming soon

All the convenience of a home delivery service for your client, without the fuss or the faff.

All within Merlin, automate and validate preventative health medicines for direct delivery. MWI take care of everything else. 

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