Automated Payment Processing

Available in Merlin

We have integrated with Easy Direct Debits to bring you Automated Payment Processing.

Improve your cash flow, reduce time spent on admin tasks and enhance your customer experience.
Managing payments is critical to the commercial success of a Veterinary Practice. Late or inconsistent payments hit your cash flow and the additional collection costs erode your profitability.
An effective payment processing solution can free up your administrators to complete other tasks. Direct Debit is the simplest and most convenient way for customers to make regular payments towards a Healthcare Plan. Now it is easy to set up and automate.

Direct Debit Integration allows you to:

Setup direct debits directly through Merlin

Automatically import direct debit payments

Automate system workflows based on payment failures

Enhanced Customer Experience

No one likes being chased for a bill payment, it causes friction, plus it is a time consuming task for the practice team. Collecting payments through Easy Direct Debits provides an easy and effective means to bill your customers. 

Improved Cash Flow

Direct Debit payment solutions can enhance practice cash-flow. They make Healthcare Plan payments simple for customers and help you to regularise your cash receipts. 

Create Time 

Easy Direct Debits is quick to setup for new clients and create bespoke plans freeing up your admin team to focus on other tasks that can add value. 

Switch to Easy Direct Debits today! 

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