Advanced Communication Feature

Available in Merlin

Directly communicate with your customers via intelligent messaging

Our advanced communication feature allows you to directly engage with your customers over interactive SMS messaging, delivering instant value to your practice by reducing administrative burden, whilst providing customers with solutions to their enquiries in real time. Get closer to your customers by automating 2-way conversations, giving them a choice of how they interact with you whilst reducing the volume of calls to the practice. This provides a seamless experience allowing your customers to self-serve, creating valuable free time for you to focus on looking after the animals in your care. 

Text 'INFO' to 07520 632 884 to see it in action

Advanced Communication Feature allows you to:

  • Extend support channels available to customers

  • Improve and increase communication with your customers

  • Increase customer and company compliance

  • Reduce administration time and costs by automating customer engagement

  • Deliver a seamless customer experience whilst creating efficiencies

  • Drive additional revenues and opportunities for improvements

  • Additional channel to promote products and offers

  • Real-time communications

  • Provide out of hours support without investing in staff

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