Practice Management Technology

Technology made easy just for your practice

Our practice management software was created to simplify your processes and enhance your profitability. It connects seamlessly with your current technology, reduces administrative load, makes use of cloud and mobile technologies and updates in real time. With a high level of customisation and an easy-to-use interface, it's designed to give you more time to focus on what matters: providing the best possible animal care.

What our technology can do for your practice:

  • Client and patient record management
  • Appointment management
  • Clinical records
  • Financial management
  • Annual and treatment reminders
  • Stock management
  • Diagnostics
  • Healthcare plans
  • Communications

Explore our management solutions

Our practice management software can be tailored to meet your needs. We design, develop, install and support local and cloud-based solutions for practices of every size.
3 Million
animals treated, annually
6 Million
appointments, annually 
800 Thousand
patient records managed, annually


The ultimate in cloud-based technology, Merlin helps you monitor and update patient records, appointments, insurance claims and more. Use Merlin to manage all diagnostics of your practice, including invoicing and payment processing. Currently using an offline solution? We can integrate that data into our newer technology together. 
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mobile companion to merlin


Capture your consultations easily and on-the-go with our Swift mobile treatment app. Use text, voice, photo and video to record patient and clinical data, generate invoices and even check maps and traffic information. Best of all, everything syncs directly with your Merlin system.
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Don't have an internet connection? Synchronise your data locally with our hardware solutions for your practice. Manage prescriptions, patient appointments, reminders and invoicing, all in one place.
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Business intelligence that delivers

Running your veterinary practice profitably is important, yet many vets have trouble finding the time to closely monitor performance. Profit Diagnostix is a business intelligence tool that helps you do it all — run reports on the health of your business, staff performance and profit margins — all in one place. Learn how to better manage your team and receive guidance against targets and industry benchmarks. Profit Diagnostix connects to your practice management software, account and employee data, allowing you to access reports anytime, anywhere. 
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We understand how your existing technology can be better aligned and integrated to improve your business performance. Want to learn more about how our practice management solutions can help your practice? Or are you a current user looking for help with a technical question?
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