October 10, 2019

Brexit and your pharmaceutical supply

With all the media noise around Brexit, it can be difficult to cut through the chaos to understand what the impact may be on your clinic and your patients regarding the supply of medicines. Especially as it is still not clear what if any trade agreement will be in place by 31st October.

MWI Animal Health and Brexit

Our understanding is that in the event of a 'No Deal Brexit' any potential disruption to supply is likely to be due to delays at borders rather than regulatory complications. Therefore, in conjunction with our suppliers, we have been putting in place plans that will mitigate against interruption to supply caused by border hold-ups. MWI Animal Health remains open, collaborative and agile, and have good working partnerships with manufacturers, suppliers and regulatory bodies alike.

Our Supplier Liaison Group has been in regular contact with manufacturers and suppliers to understand the measures they have in place, so we can co-jointly increase the stock holding of essential pharmaceuticals within the U.K. Most manufacturers increased their UK stock holding by up to 3 months ahead of the 31st March deadline and have advised us that they have since maintained those stock levels. In addition, as the only veterinary wholesaler with two fully stocked warehouses, we feel we are well placed to safeguard the supply to the practices we serve. 

Our Recommendation

As a consequence of all our inquiries and analysis, our advice is that practices do not need to, and should not, build up stock or 'bulk buy' in preparation for Brexit. MWI Animal Health and manufacturers will have adequate safety stock available to meet normal levels of demand in the event of border delays. Should this position change we will advise our customers.