Our Customer Charter

Our promise to you


We do not stand still. We recognise that our customers need us to be a beacon of innovation in a changing world. Embracing science, technology and education, we will bring our customers bold and progressive ideas that challenge the status quo, so that together we advance animal healthcare and improve lives of those that work in the profession. 


We seek to bring everyone with an interest in animal health closer together. We use our reach and connections as a catalyst to create a supportive community, to positively impact the future of people and animals. We will support growth: creating platforms for sharing knowledge and experience, cultivating networks for collaboration. 


MWI Animal Health's comprehensive solutions are built through honest dialogue. We will listen. We will be open with our customers, explaining areas we can't. MWI Animal Health will set clear expectations and will report against benchmarks where appropriate. We will protect data and maintain the confidentially of our customers. 

Quality Driven

We recognise that the quality of our service directly impacts on our customer' ability to deliver care. We are dedicated to ensuring that every service or product we provide to our customers is not only compliant, reliable, and accurate, but has a level of efficiency and pro-activity that continuously reduces the time that veterinary professionals spend on non-animal healthcare tasks. 


MWI Animal Health will provide relevant information in context. We will help our customers to make informed decisions, put them into action quickly to drive profit and deliver better patient care. Whilst we answer for our performance today, we will be working towards tomorrow, so that we can anticipate, develop and deliver solutions that meet our customer's future need and remove the necessity for day to day activities that don't add value. 

Easy To Do Business With

Our goal is to simplify animal healthcare. To make it easy for our customers to find support, whenever and however they need it. We want our customers to see us as an extension of their team. We encourage our customers to be open and share their ambition. In return we can be relied on to deliver against our commitments. We will communicate changes and if we ever disappoint, we'll put it right quickly. In partnership, we'll continually adapt working practices to improve outcomes for our customers and the animals in their care. 

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